World News   posted December 18, 2013 by   Ben Gumienny

Holy Cow

The land where cows are considered sacred may soon become the world's top exporter of beef.

India views cows as holy, a mother to all and a Goddess throughout the nation yet, according to the US Department of Agriculture, they are expected to export 1.8 million tonnes of beef in 2013, second only to Brazil.

Eating beef has been considered sacrilegious in India for thousands of years and the country has the largest number of cattle in the world at 327 million head (the US has 89 million head in comparison).

Granted that most of the beef exported in India is buffalo, an animal less venerated than the cow, the trade of beef in either form is still a source of repugnance for Hindu nationalists.

The exportation of cow meat is actually banned in the country, but according to animal rights groups some still finds its way abroad.


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