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6 Sweatshop Free Swimwear Lines

Summer is just around that corner which means that your swimsuit is about to be in regular rotation! In case the one you’ve used in the past is getting a little threadbare, I thought I would share with you a few great swimwear brands that you may not have heard of. I think people should feel confident and comfortable in their bathing suits, whether they decide to go with a bikini, tankini, one-piece, wetsuit, or anything in between, and one great way to feel good in what you are wearing is to feel good about what you are wearing. These six brands are created without the use of sweatshops, so you can feel good about the way your suit is made and where it is coming from.


Maaji is a line of swimsuits and resort wear made in Colombia by two sisters, Manuela and Amalia Sierra. Their designs are really unique, and most of their swimsuits are reversible, so you get two suits for the price of one. I love the mix of pattern and texture going on in these fun and flirty suits. On top of being sweatshop free, they are also running a non-profit campaign aimed at planting threes throughout Colombia. You can find their Swimsuits at Oranj Fitness on Bernard avenue, and online here.

Nettle’s Tale

Nettle’s Tale is a relatively new line of swimwear made locally in Vancouver, BC. Founded by Julia Church, her line is focused on and emphasises the fact that women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. She put together a line of swimsuits inspired by the many wonderful women in her life. All of her products are sourced and manufactured in Vancouver. For more information about Nettle’s Tale you can check out this great article by Ben Gumienny and to shop for some of their suits head over to their website.

Cala Ossidiana

Cala Ossidiana is designed and created in New York City. I love the simplicity of their pieces and the little details, like the crossed and knotted straps and the mesh panels. On top of being sweatshop free, the owner Anne Pachan runs her business under what she calls the “one-step-better” concept; her goal is to ensure that her company does each task at least one step better than the conventional method. You can check out more of her products and shop for these suits here.

McLaine O

This retro-rockabilly swimwear line is based out of Miami, Florida. McLaine O is all about creating a comfortable fit based on updated versions of classic styles using modern, comic book style fabrics. Everything is handmade by McLaine herself, with the help of her shop assistant, Olivia the French bulldog. The best part about this shop, besides those crazy cool comic book prints, is that she accepts custom orders! Head over here to check out some more of these sassy pinup suits.

Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon is particularly interesting because it is a not-for-profit brand. Their selection is pretty simple and minimal, and because they only sell online, they are able to donate 100 percent of their profits. The money becomes part of a micro loan which will launch a small business that in turn will generate an income enabling families to find their own route out of poverty. The money that is returned is invested in more swimwear, continuing the cycle. This is a pretty incredible concept! You can head over to their website to shop, and to learn a little bit more about the project. As an added bonus, shipping is free worldwide!


Palm is a line of basic, minimalist swimwear made in Bali, Indonesia. Personally I’m all about basics, so I love their emphasis on good quality, simple styles. Each piece is handmade to ensure a high quality product and to create a swimsuit that is going to last you more than one season. You can go to their online shop to check out more of their pieces, or if you’re feeling adventurous you might as well take a trip to Bali and pick up a suit while you’re there. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me!






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