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Wedding Style Tips for Men

Over the past few years the rules of wedding appropriate attire seem to have changed quite a bit, particularly for menswear. Here are a few tips and outfit suggestions to keep in mind when preparing to be a guest at someone else’s special day.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Even if the wedding is formal, don’t wear a tuxedo to a daytime wedding. A simple suit is a better choice.
  • Neutral colours are generally the best way to go. If the wedding is pretty casual then you can try mixing things up with a pastel coloured shirt, but definitely avoid really bold, bright colours. You don’t want to wear anything that draws unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • If you’re not sure of the formality of the occasion, wear a dress shirt and suit pants, then bring a vest or jacket with you. You can always slip the jacket or vest on once you arrive and see how everyone else is dressed.
  • In the past short sleeve dress shirts were a big no-no, but I think as men’s style evolves they are becoming acceptable attire for casual daytime weddings. How else do you survive the heat at a summer wedding in Kelowna? If you’re uncomfortable with the short sleeve, you can always roll up the sleeves of a long sleeved dress shirt.
  • If the invitation does not specify the formality of the event, a dark suit and white button up shirt will work for just about any occasion.
  • Always wear nice dress shoes, no matter what kind of wedding it is. Brown for a daytime wedding, and black for an evening wedding. The one exception would be a beach wedding, in which case a nice pair of sandals is in order. And please for the love of god, no socks with sandals.

For a Casual Daytime Wedding:

A casual wedding allows for much more creativity with your outfit choice. You can switch things up with a patterned or coloured dress shirt, go for a shorter sleeve and get creative with little additions like bowties and suspenders. Try not to overdo it with the accessories though, chose either the bowtie or the suspenders.

For a Casual Evening Wedding:

A tuxedo is unnecessary for a casual evening wedding, but a nice dark suit and dress shirt is a good choice. At a more casual wedding, you can experiment with a patterned dress shirt, and a tie is optional.

For a Formal Daytime Wedding:

For a formal daytime wedding, especially if it’s outdoors, a light coloured suit is a good choice. Go for beige or a pale grey. A tie is a must for a formal wedding, the pocket square is a personal preference.

For a Formal Evening Wedding:

A dark suit and dark tie is the way to go for a formal evening wedding. A tuxedo is only necessary if the invitation specifies “black tie.” A white or black dress shirt is appropriate, but try to steer clear from any patterned dress shirts or suits for a formal affair.

If you need a little more inspiration, below are a few of my current favourite wedding attire items for men.

Shoes Bow Tie Pants Shirt

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