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Local Author Releases eBook | Tales of The Mother Load

Every experience is different. And everybody gives you advice, but it's not necessarily going to work for you because you're a different person and your child is a different person, and you're a different combination. But in the end, everything in life that's beautiful, is difficult.”

Lori-Anne Poirier is a local author who is set to publish her first book with the help of modern technology and the internet. Tales of The Mother Load is a collection of biographical essays that have been curated into an ebook to reflect a year in the life of this particular mother's world. With two preschoolers, honesty, and a lot of love, Lori-Anne Poirier set out to document her experiences as a mother and to offer something for other parents to relate to.

At one time, Lori-Anne Poirer was a freelance journalist for The Province and also covered entertainment and lifestyle for The Courier, here in Kelowna. After the birth of two children, Lori-Anne was confronted with a decision that many women face. Do you continue on in the work force and maintain pace with your career, or do you “slow down” and spend your time with your children instead? Lori-Anne decided to distance herself from her journalism work, though she maintains a weekly column in the Penticton Herald, as well as a blog. The essays that Lori-Anne's ebook are comprised of come from that very column, where Lori-Anne has shared her story, lessons, and anecdotes from her life in an effort to flex her writing skills and maintain a presence within the writing community.

From talking with the Chief of Police and Bryan Adams, to expounding the wonders of puddle-jumping, Lori-Anne's life has taken quite the turn over the last few years. But any parent who has tried to keep their child dressed in pyjamas with snaps, after the child has discovered how to undo said snaps, will have something to relate to in Tales of The Mother Load. In a time where it is easy to get lost in a sea of work, bills, chores and responsibilities, the simplicity of a child laughing with Winnie-the-Pooh can be just the unreality check that you need. But Lori-Anne will be the first to admit that sometimes there are bad days. And those rumours about mothers escaping to the bathroom for some 'quiet time'? They aren't true. You can't successfully escape to the bathroom, and the best escape that parents can hope for these days, is a small pocket of 7 minutes on Facebook while the kids play quiety beside you.

The decision to publish Tales of The Mother Load as an ebook, seemed like an easy one. But it was not without it's set of challenges and red tape. Lori-Anne's husband, Kyle Poirier, was the one who diligently took on the unexpected headaches associated with self-publishing through the modern ebook format. While the main goal is to give parents a voice to relate to and to help others see or remember tales from their own adventures in parenthood, perhaps this first foray in ePublishing will spiral into something more. Lori-Anne hopes that at some point, she will be able to help other authors publish their work through the ebook platform. Perhaps this dream will become reality after Lori-Anne has worked out the kinks of publishing her own work. Hopefully a few times over.

Lori-Anne describes parenthood as “the most blessed, hilarious, frustrating, daunting and rewarding of adventures.” and with Tales of The Mother Load, Lori-Anne will share her own story with an entirely new audience and help give other parents a voice to relate to. It’s a book about laughter, forgiveness, sacrifice, living deliberately and just getting through the day. It’s life, it’s love. It’s The Mother Load.

Tales of The Mother Load is available now on and Lori-Anne will be hosting her eBook launch at the Downtown Okanagan Regional Library, this Tuesday, July, 24, 2012 at 7:00pm
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