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The Benefits of Exercising as a Couple

Relationships have the unique property of occupying a lot of our time. While some of that time is put to good use, a large part of it is just hanging out with your significant other and doing all sorts of laid-back things around the house, like watching movies and eating. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, in fact, it’s one of the greatest things about being a couple. But, when that honeymoon phase is over, replacing it with something a little more constructive is a great idea to keep things alive in your relationship. Working out together is definitely on top of the list, because not only are you spending quality time together, you are getting in shape.

Provide each other with a good example

If your spouse isn't in the greatest shape, pointing it out is not going to score you points or motivate them that much. If you decide that you are not just getting in shape for you, but to provide your spouse with a good example that they can follow, the good example can rub off on them. When they see what an important part of your life exercise has become, they will most likely want to be a part of it.

Happier than the rest

Studies show that working out with your spouse can make you feel more comfortable around each other. You feel happier and more energetic because you face the challenge as a team, and helping motivate each other. By exercising together, you become more conscious of your own movements, and more focus goes into your workouts because you are learning together.

Try New Things
One of you may be a yoga fan, while the other may be into lifting heavy weights. Trying each others activities can open your mind to new things, as well as learning from your partner. Maybe you’ve been ignoring the warm-up session because you think it’s boring or maybe you hate stretching, so you just go straight for the dumbbells. When you work out together, you will be able to break the pattern and keep each other in touch with what’s really important. You might even learn a lot of new things and incorporate it in your long-term training program.

In tune with each other

Working out with your spouse is an entirely different act than solo training. When you’re alone, nobody can tell you that you are doing something wrong or right. You just have to rely on your experience and intuition. Your partner, on the other hand, is an observer and a helper, and so are you. It’s much easier to notice when somebody’s form is off during an exercise, and it is also impossible to give someone positive feedback when they are not around. So go ahead and tell your partner that they’re doing great or, if this is the case, that they need to switch it up. This is precious feedback and it’s also a good way to re-discover yourselves and find a new way of communicating.

More enthusiastic about your partner

Sometimes, working out is all about the competition. When your competition is your lover, things tend to get hot. Training together can, indeed, be a new type of foreplay and it can rekindle the passion you have for each other. As you change your predictable roles, so the dynamic of your relationship changes and creates positive conflict that increases libido. Sherry Amatenstein, author of The Complete Marriage Counselor: Relationship-saving advice from America’s Top 50+ Couple Therapists says that “The couple that sweats together stays together." Reason enough to ask your partner to join you in the gym? I definitely think so.

Focused and determined

Men and women in relationships often feel more grounded and start focusing on the important stuff together, as a team when they train together. There’s something really special about a couple motivating and supporting each other through a workout, and it often makes you stick to a long-term training plan.

So go out there and don’t be afraid to sweat together. It’s a brand new level of intimacy that will come with all the benefits: better bodies, better minds and a better relationship.

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