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Kyle Poirier, 100 for 100 Project

I wanted to be able to get my art out there, be able to have it connect with different people, so If they see a work they like, they want it, they can get it, and they're not just getting a reproduction of it, they’re getting the original piece, they're getting it at a fair value.”

With the burgeoning world of online marketing and sales, it only seems natural that art would also find it's way to the worldwide web. Artists now have a unique ability to connect with the buyers on a more personal level, allowing fans and buyers to learn more about the artist, the work, and the stories behind the work, while the artist gets to learn more about their fan base and which works are connecting with people and why. Kyle Poirier is a local artist that is taking the online connection with fans and buyers to a different level, with a unique new concept.

Kyle was looking for a way to motivate himself within the fine arts and painting world after several years in graphic design. The 100 for 100 project is seeing Kyle produce one hundred 10” by 10” paintings that he is then selling for $100 each. The attractive price tag makes original artwork affordable for the masses and with a large variety of subject matter available, Kyle has a piece for nearly everyone. In fact, his pieces have not only sold locally, but to customers in the United States, Germany, and England.

There are 28 paintings that are complete and ready to be loved in their new home, with a total of 47 having been completed thus far. That is a fantastic selling ratio within the art world, and looking at Kyle's work, it's easy to see why people have been falling in love with his paintings. Every painting has it's own back story, and the curious thing is getting to know why someone connects with a particular painting over another. A beautiful painting of a violin was purchased as a gift for an art educator in Churchill, Manitoba, while a painting of withering sunflowers is now coveted by an individual in Kansas (which is the Sunflower State) who appreciates it for it's unique depiction of a sometimes tired and generic theme.

But one doesn't have to purchase a work in order to tell Kyle how their work makes them feel. His blog not only allows commenting, it encourages it. And all feedback is good feedback in the world of art. Kyle recognizes that not everyone is going to fall for every piece, and that's ok. Dialogue is one of the greatest advantages of an artist posting their work online, and encouraging people to have a thoughtful discussion about his artwork is one of the things that Kyle appreciates the most. At the same time, very few things feel as rewarding as having a stranger connect with a work and express their love and appreciation for a piece, and their reasons for liking it so. Kyle is particularly fond of his fish paintings, and of some of his more recent pieces, such as “The Tower of London Chapel Study”, while my personal favourite is “Time For High Tea”.

In challenging himself to begin producing paintings again, Kyle is making fantastic use of the online resources now available to him. The fact that his paintings are priced so affordably, is icing on the cake for people who are looking to decorate their home in original art. There is a whimsical folk-like quality in Kyle Poirier's works and with such a wide variety of subject matter available, you are sure to find something that appeals. At the very least, you can pop by Kyle's site and leave your feedback on his work and ambitious goals.

To view Kyle Poirier's work please visit and be sure to follow Kyle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

I love how technology is empowering the art world, giving the artist the ability to get their work out to the masses”









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