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Spring Equinox Pyramid Gathering & Potluck with Maytawee & Perlah

This event has already occurred

March 20, 2017

Location: Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Address: 4870 Chute Lake Rd., Kelowna, BC V1W 4M3
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Website: View Website

2017-03-20 18:00:00 2017-03-20 19:00:00 America/Vancouver Spring Equinox Pyramid Gathering & Potluck with Maytawee & Perlah Monday, March 20, 2017 6:00 PM SPRING EQUINOX Pyramid Gathering & Pot Luck New Beginnings: An Eveni Summerhill Pyramid Winery events@kelownanow.com
Monday, March 20, 2017

6:00 PM
Pyramid Gathering & Pot Luck

New Beginnings:
An Evening with
Maytawee Wisdom and Perlah Shulamis

Dear Friends,

Spring is here! Warmest greetings to you!

Please join us for our Spring Equinox Gathering & Community Potluck on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 6:00 PM; we will welcome Maytawee Wisdom and Perlah Shulamis to the Summerhill Pyramid. We have grown substantially as a community since we last gathered, and this time is an honoring and celebration of the abundance and goodness that surrounds us at all times. How blessed we are to join together in this little piece of Heaven on Earth!! The first step is your entryway! What better way to achieve your goals by joining our community gathering this Winter Solstice!

The Spring Equinox attracts celebrations that rejoice for ideas of rebirth and rejuvenation or arrival of something new. Once again, we have a very special Community Gathering planned. We hope you will join your loving bands of energy with ours during this auspicious time. Please take a moment to read this invitation in full as each gathering has slight variations and a few specific details to be aware of, so please read on...this will help us co-create a magical evening for all!

In consideration of this being a larger community gathering, please begin arriving at or shortly after 5:30 pm for entry to the pyramid so that we can promptly begin our 6pm program with ease.

Also don't forget to bring an offering for our facilitators, a pillow and blanket(s) if you wish to lay on the floor or to stay warm, your drums and veggie potluck to share in celebration afterwards in the Kekuli! We will also have four portable heaters in the Pyramid for additional warmth.

We have a shift in our gatherings schedule for this month's Full and New Moons. All One Era WILL NOT be hosting a New Moon Gathering on Monday, March 27, 2017. Instead, we invite you to honor this incredible rising new moon in the way that guides your heart so that you can step through this most powerful transitional period with clarity, courage and a deep trust in the wisdom that is within you and around you at all times.

We also invite you to join us when we return to our Full and New Moon Community Gatherings in early April 2017 so that we may once again join our loving bands of energy together! We look forward to welcoming Laurie Bartley to the Full Moon Community Gathering on Monday, April 10, 2017, and Ima Rose to the New Moon Gathering for Women on Wednesday, April, 26, 2017. The Men's New Moon Circles in the Kekuli facilitated by Norbert Maertens will also begin once again on this date.

New Beginnings:
An Evening with Maytawee Wisdom and Perlah Shulamis

This Spring Equinox, we are truly honored to welcome Maytawee Wisdom and Perlah Shulamis as they guide us in an inner journey meditation. Join Maytawee as she channels a meditation to help you discover your inner message at this time, while Perlah accompanies on the quartz crystal and 24K gold fusion singing bowls & singing pyramids that will assist you in raising your vibration while synchronizing your frequencies and balancing the chakras. You may also bring a crystal to be placed near the bowls for charging during this powerful occasion.

If you have been feeling the need to raise
your vibration and let go of what no longer serves you, this gathering will be the balm for your heart and soul.

Please join us in the cooler temperatures of the pyramid to receive with open hearts from two beautiful individuals who has touched the lives and souls of many with their kindness, authenticity, and pure-of-heart teachings and wisdom.
About Maytawee Wisdom...

Maytawee’s world travels began as Eckhart Tolle’s private assistant. Later she opened a retreat center in Chicago, where she hosted Mooji. She became his student, traveling with Mooji to India, Portugal and Brazil. This guided her to Thailand where she studied with Master Monks.

Maytawee’s passion is to be in service to others. It is her life commitment to support all on their journey to discover their “Natural Self”. Today, Maytawee offers her Healing Arts through Light ~ Sound ~ Movement Therapy. www.maytawee.ca [ http://www.maytawee.ca/ ]

In Her Own Words...

“May all that I offer be held in love with the greatest Guru of all: “LIFE”.

~ Maytawee Wisdom

About Perlah Shulamis...

Perlah is a gifted healer, intutitive and Reiki Master Teacher, and together with her husband Satish Shonek have developed the “Neshama OM™©” method of healing. This method of self-healing utilizes energy, sound/frequencies, & crystals along with ancient teachings/meditation to assist those ascending to connect with their higher selves, or “Neshama” which is the highest form of the soul. They utilize and teach this method of self-healing to individuals and groups, and it can be applied to animals, plants, all living beings as well. Perlah has also served as the All One Era Coordinator for Community Pyramid Gatherings at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna for the past year.

Together Perlah and Satish founded Neshama OM Holistic Healing™© (holistic services) and Neshama OM Zen Zone™© (holistic products, singing bowls, meditation supplies, crystals and stones).

You can find Perlah and Satish each month at the Holistic Market and Psychic Fair in Kelowna. You can also find them at other venues in the area, including wellness fairs. They travel throughout the Okanagan and beyond and also offer their services as well as long-distance via Skype.

Find Neshama OM on Facebook here:
Facebook.com/NeshamaOMHolisticHealing [ http://facebook.com/NeshamaOMHolisticHealing ]
Facebook.com/NeshamaOMZenZone [ http://facebook.com/NeshamaOMZenZone ]

In her own words...

"This will be my final appearance in the Summerhill Pyramid as Coordinator of All One Era's Community Gatherings. My second near death experience in January gave me deep clarity and knowing on how I need to spend the rest of my 'time' here, in the present, on beloved Gaia; still in service to others, but in a new and unique way. Both Satish and I will still be present and available for service to all who are in need.

I wish to thank Stephen and his family for the time spent and opportunity to serve this beautiful community we have created. I love you all so much."

- Blessings, Gratitude and Love - Perlah

"Where you live is where your garden grows."

- Perlah Shulamis

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

-Mahatma Gandhi



SEATING & DRESS ~ There will be chairs set out however, if you prefer to sit on the floor, please be sure to bring a pillow or blanket so you are cozy. We will no longer be lighting the heaters, so please dress to be warm and bring a blanket or comforter as the pyramid also serves as powerful energized wine cellar where a cooler temperature is essential to create these delicious wines!

SELF-CLEARING ~ The pyramid is a potent energy space and is cleansed/cleared prior to each gathering. With this in mind, we ask that you take a moment to self-clear and center yourself and consciously leave what does not serve you or your highest good outside the pyramid so that you can receive the gifts of the vibrant energies inside! Your pure intention and Trust in the deep well of Knowing that resides within you - is a gift to the space and your community. Thank you for joining us in the fullness of your heart & spirit.

NOURISHMENT ~ This New Moon gathering is a "Pot Luck". After our meditation in the Pyramid, we have been invited to join the men for a veggie pot luck feast, drumming and dancing in the kekuli around the sacred fire after the pyramid meditation has concluded. To honour the 2020 vision to convert the Okanagan to Organic by the year 2020, we invite you to bring veggie pot luck dishes (organic is most welcome) to share with your fellow community members. The community is growing and your food offerings are most welcome and appreciated! Donations of food can be dropped off at the kekuli prior to the pyramid experience or brought down later...and don't forget to bring your drums!

OFFERINGS ~ Monetary offerings can be dropped off at THE TOP OF THE STAIRS before you enter OR after you leave the pyramid (as the offering bowl is no longer located inside the pyramid). 100% of the offerings are returned to the facilitator in respect for their time and service to all, and is a teaching for each of us to shine in own spirit and magnificence!CHILDREN ~ We do not have child care available, however, children are welcome to attend with their parents.

Some New Procedures...

Some new procedures have been put in place, so we wanted everyone to know in advance...
The Pyramid gatherings will begin promptly at 6 pm (with a brief grace period) and end at approximately 7:30 pm. After the grace period, the lower pyramid door will be closed to latecomers in respect for our fellow guests and facilitator - and will be open when the meditation is complete - so please be punctual. You may begin entering the pyramid for silent meditation beginning at 5:30 pm for seating and silent meditation.

Summerhill/All One Era is now only providing coffee/tea/water service and not chaffing dishes of prepared food as part of the veggie "Pot Luck" in the Kekuli. Instead, we want to encourage enthusiasm and a show of your support as a community for the gatherings so that you can make a GRAND DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Please consider bringing your abundance to your community home through Karma Yoga (giving of loving service) in these ways by respectfully asking that everyone "bring from the heart" at least one of the following:
• A Generous offering of food
• A Monetary Contribution
• Volunteer Services/Active Participation

All One Era will provide the following:
• The Venue
• The Facilitators
• The Invitations
• Tea, Coffee, Water, Plates, Cups, Cleanup


"The return to drumming and dancing gives us a glimpse of our tribal beginnings and oneness with nature. Humanity has sadly lost touch in this respect; these simple drum circles bring us back with ceremony and celebration! In the native tradition, the drum brings in Spirit...One does not need to drum, just being in the presence of the drums ignites our soul memory..."

~ Stephen Cipes, Founder - alloneera.com

Help us create the most magical evening by . . .

Being Punctual ~ Feel free to begin arriving anytime after 5:30 pm and be ready to join in heart & spirit at 6pm. Your attention to punctuality is requested. We will be closing the door after a small grace period & once the meditation has begun, to honor the space and potency for the group inside the pyramid. If you arrive while the meditation is in progress, please wait outside the lower door and someone will open the door when the meditation is complete.

Observing Silence ~ To support the diverse range of expansion most of us are experiencing right now, we respectfully remind you that the observance of silence upon entering and getting settled in the pyramid is a great comfort to most who attend. These are precious few moments for us all to calm down and be one with ourselves in the sacred geometry chamber. Thank you for observing silence as you enter.

Being Open ~ We come together with the intention of embracing and acknowledging our original receivership capabilities thus opening to becoming conduits or receivers of "Divine Knowingness" that surrounds us at all times. Being open to Receiving draws to us unlimited prosperity, peace, joy and rejuvenation.

With Gratitude,

* Please remember - we observe the tradition of having no alcohol in sacred spaces.
* IT IS IMPORTANT TO POWER OFF YOUR CELLPHONE prior to entering the Pyramid and Kekuli (not just mute it.)
* ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Please enter Chute Lake Road, please park in the upper lot, and walk up to the pyramid to accommodate wine shop and bistro guests! You may also enter off of Lakeshore Road, park in the lower lot, and walk up to the Pyramid. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated.

Deepest gratitude for the privilege of sharing time with YOU!

The gatherings have always been at no cost, however should you feel moved to make a contribution, of your time, your active participation, or financially, we so gratefully acknowledge and appreciate this! 100% of the "offerings" are given back to the facilitator in appreciation and respect for their time and energy and their gift of service.

The offering bowl is located at the top of the Pyramid stairs on your left before you enter.

Please feel free to bring friends and family and also feel free to send this invitation to your list of friends as our quest in this ALL ONE ERA is to hasten and catapult the divine feminine era of receptivity.
We look forward to spending another beautiful and love filled evening together.

May you be blessed, All-ways!!

Stephen Cipes & Perlah Shulamis
Ambassadors for the All One Era
alloneera.com [ http://alloneera.com/ ]
facebook.com/alloneera [ http://facebook.com/alloneera ]
Summerhill Pyramid & Kekuli Gatherings [ http://facebook.com/groups/262753850586931 ]

Officially established on The Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 - The Era of Divine Knowingness - also known as THE ALL-ONE ERA was launched world-wide.

We humans are conduits of infinite cosmic consciousness that is bursting to be revealed as we surrender and receive the glorious Knowingness, the guidance, that is always with us.

Our quest here in Kelowna is to firmly establish and catapult this era by our already well established building of a world model, where we are opening to becoming conduits or receivers of the "Divine Knowingness" that surrounds us at all times.and that we effect with our consciousness at all times.

With the FULL MOON community attended gatherings, and the NEW MOON females only and now the new moon Men's only gatherings - we are embracing and acknowledging our original receivership as conduits of spirit…opening to unlimited prosperity, peace, joy and rejuvenation through the powerful impact of group meditation and intention and a return to our tribal roots.

Please come and join your loving bands of energy with ours! There is never a cost and all the family members and all friends are truly welcome!
4870 Chute Lake Road
Kelowna, B C
250 764 8000 ext 100 or 103

4870 Chute Lake Road
Kelowna BC V1W 4M3




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