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In Focus | Megan Purnell of

In Focus is our gift to the community. A way for us to help show our recognition for the people, businesses and organizations that help make our city great. The team at is passionate about this community and the people that make it amazing. We want to show our friends, neighbours, family and colleagues that we notice them and the fabulous things that they do.

What is your name?
Megan Purnell

What do you always find yourself saying?
Knowledge is power.

If you could spend one whole day with anyone in the world who is currently alive, who would you select and why?
Among many inspiring names, I have to choose Canadian marketing maven and mother of four - Arlene Dickinson. She has always stayed true to herself and would be the perfect mentor, even for just a day. She knows family life, financial hardship, innovative work, understands online growth, and cares about small businesses and giving back – all things I could learn from.

If you were to receive any existing public award, what award would you like to win?
My public awards come from students sharing their stories. When they buy their first home, or say, “I love what I learned!” – I save them like trophies to look at on a bad day. If I had to take a formal award, I’d be happy with anything related to positive change.

If you could spend a day with any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
Jim Rohn because he could teach and transform a person’s entire way of thinking. He left a lifelong impact on anyone who worked with him. Sign me up.

Who inspires you?
In life: Obviously my mom for raising two kids by herself without debt and surprisingly, my parent-in-laws for their fantastic approach to kindness, love and compound interest.
In business: Online dreamies include Ramit Sethi, Amy Porterfield, Bushra Azhar, Tony Robbins and Pat Flynn for their giving personalities mixed with a crazy ability to sell stuff they create.

What are three things on your bucket list?
1. Help a Mom or Dad stay home with their kids and live off a single income (in the works)
2. Build a house (to host more guests)
3. Retire my husband early (so he can play more too)

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
Gratitude. And then I would thank the person who bought it and do incredible things with the proceeds.

If you could foresee a single day of your future in its entirety, what date would you select?
The day I have another child, so I can not only recognize the day when I wake up, but know if I’m actually going to be brave enough to have a third!

What are you passionate about?
The more I realize what matters in life, the more it relates to these two topics:
Inner health – luckily moving to Kelowna in 2008 only amplified my love of learning everything to do with mind, body and spirit. I am now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and am constantly reminded how powerful our body and mind is.
Inner wealth – it wasn’t until I understood the psychology of money that I saw big strides in our personal wealth. At one point I was on maternity leave, attending nutrition school, paying down our 40k of consumer debt, saving for our first family home and never once do I remember feeling deprived or restrained financially. That was the first time I got to test it. And now we live happier than ever on a single income with 2 kids, which shows me no budget could have ever replaced learning the psychology part.

What has been your favourite day of your life, up to this point?
Even though it was a long day, marrying my husband on Big Island, and then enjoying the tiny reception on Honolulu in the same day was pretty memorable. The co-pilot had aviator glasses, a mean moustache and let us sit in the cockpit for photos.

What has been your proudest accomplishment?
Being able to stay at home to raise my kids without financial strain by far. It was something I had dreamed of for a long time and wasn’t sure we would reach. Yep, there are days when going to a job would be easier, but it wouldn’t be as fulfilling as spending my time with my two favourite little people.

Where is your favourite place to dine in Kelowna? What do you like about it?
Like so many others, I love RauDZ. If I’m going to go out, it has to be local, fresh and something I can’t easily replicate.

What is your favourite activity or event in Kelowna? Why?
Anything downtown – we love skateboarding, biking, beaches, Knox Mountain hikes, downtown block parties, Christmas light up, summer music in the park, city park soccer, Canada Day – everything that gets us outside together.

What is the name of your business/organization?

What does your business/organization do?
I help families crush their debt, save money and use that to start growing rich. Mostly done through easy online courses.

Where can people find you or your business online?

Where can people find your business on Facebook?

How do people connect with you on Linkedin?
Megan Purnell, BBA, RHN

What is your mission?
Help families realize they already make enough money. Teach them how to keep more of it and bring families closer together.

If you could achieve one thing within your field, what would it be?
Get every student out of consumer debt, for life.

Where do you want your business/organization to be in five years?
I may do live courses in the Okanagan in a few years, but surely I’ll have a broader range of courses that fill in real life family finance needs and some more free and affordable education. I will have a solid reputation of helping others reach their goals by then.

Who do you consider to be a forerunner within your field?
There are some really big names doing well, like Gail Vaz-Oxlade's no nonsense approach and almost famous budgeting jars. But I don’t focus on budgeting, nor do I focus on just mindset so I’m mowing a slightly innovative and new trail in a giant field!

What three qualities do you feel that your business/organization exemplifies?
Results, integrity, and lifelong education.

How does your business/organization impact the community?
With time, I hope to give back to middle or high school students and teach them “what I wish I had known” about money when it really matters – before you even start making it!

If you were trapped in an elevator with several wealthy investors from any field, which field would you want them to be experts in? What would say to them/talk about?
Oh I’d love to be stuck with some experts in stocks, online marketing and strategy. I would ask them what their best business decisions have been, what they are invested in and why. Then I’d have them review, judge and tear apart my business so I can make it even better.

If I could change one thing about Kelowna, it would be:
Taking the highway out of middle of the city.

What do you think makes Kelowna great?
Everything! I love the people, the weather, the food, the environment, the culture and the diversity of small businesses thriving.

My choice for the Kelowna In Focus spotlight is:
Maybe one you haven’t done yet? Eastwood Organic Farms.

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