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In Focus | Megan Ledarney

In Focus is our gift to the community. A way for us to help show our recognition for the people, businesses, and organizations that help make our city great. The team at is passionate about this community and the people that make it amazing. We want to show our friends, neighbours, family and colleagues that we notice them and the fabulous things that they do.

Name of your business
The Extensionist

Your email address for contact info?

Website address:

Facebook account:
The Extensionist

Instagram account:

Youtube account:

What is the message you want to communicate to current clients and potential clients?
Our mission is to provide a never-before-seen 'princess' salon experience with a specialization in hair additions, for women with all types of hair, including hair loss/trauma. Gone are the days where women need to experience damage by having techniques improperly suited to their hair type and gone are the days where women suffer with hair loss without solace and support! GIRL POWER!

Tell us about you and your key staff/partners.
The Extensionist is owned by two Me(a)gans: Megan Ledarney and Meagan Mostad. Both are originally from Medicine Hat AB, Megan Ledarney is the creative founder of the company and head of marketing and Meagan Mostad is the financial brains behind the entire operation. Now on our third location in Canada, The Extensionist is home to 22 amazing family members who we call #TEAMEXTENSIONIST! All of our stylists are passionate about helping women through hair and we take pride in hiring only licensed stylists to ensure the utmost in professionalism and care for our clients.

What makes you passionate about your business, and sets you apart from your competitors
Owner and founder, Megan Ledarney, suffers from Trichotillomania, which is an uncontrollable urge to pull out ones own hair. During puberty, Megan was greatly teased because of her hair loss and left school in Grade 9 due to excessive bullying. Joining the work force allowed Megan to purchase her first set of clip-in hair extensions and experience the life changing confidence that came along with them. After this, she knew she needed to dedicate her life to helping other women feel confident and beautiful through hair. She strived to create a progressive extension technique which would be suitable for women with low-density, brittle hair types so that everyone can enjoy hair additions without additional damage! Megan's philosophy is that it might sound like vanity to enjoy looking beautiful, but it is so much more than that. A woman who gets her confidence back will radiate positive energy to everyone she meets because of it, and the power of positivity and happiness is absolutely priceless. That's what we are striving to achieve and create for our clients.

How do you communicate your brand to your employees and clients.
Here at The Extensionist, we really strive to ensure that our staff and clients understand that we are here to help women feel beautiful and confident through hair. We are a group of silly weirdo's to be honest, and we want to create a fun, positive, hair-healthy environment that women can feel like home in. All the while offering progressive services of the highest quality, that both our clients and staff can be proud of.

What is the best part of operating in our city?
Kelowna is such an amazingly beautiful city and our natural demographic is drawn to Kelowna! We actually got the idea to move to Kelowna because of the number of clients from Alberta who mentioned they were moving and wanted to know where they could get their hair done! Our plan is to eventually be located in every major city in Canada and begin our franchise plan, so geographically, Kelowna seemed like the natural step before Vancouver and then world domination! So far, women in Kelowna are embracing us with open arms, and we are so excited to be here FOREVA! <3

What has been your proudest accomplishment?
As an entrepreneur that originally knew nothing about entrepreneurialism, but had a goal to be the best of the best in hair extension salon services, I would have to say that through this journey, my proudest accomplishment is being able to have changed so many women's lives with our technique and seeing people really love it. On an internal standpoint, it is truly amazing to contribute to our economic growth and I now strive to be the best employer and company that I can. I love my team so much and I strive to make everyone the happiest that they can be!

What have been some of the biggest challenges in running a business in the Central Okanagan and how have you overcome those challenges?
Each of our expansions brings along new challenges, but we would have to say that our Kelowna location is unique in that it is our first BC location. Our social media boasts over 150,000 collective followers and the majority of which are from Alberta. We have such a strong brand presence and reputation in Alberta, so I suppose the biggest challenge is raising awareness about how we can deliver an awesome experience for our clients and their cherished hair!

What are some of your business goals?
The Extensionist plans to have ultra-plush, princess themed boutique salons in every major location in Canada! In 2019 we are opening two small locations on different ends of Vancouver to accommodate all of our clients and from there, we will begin working on our franchise plan to find the most passionate stylists who believe in the same goals as we do in our industry. After that, who knows! Sky is the limit and we are excited to see if the limit ends at the sky.

What do you think makes our city great?
Kelowna is amazing because it attracts people who enjoy being around the beauty of our country. There are so many amazing personalities who gravitate to Kelowna to make this city their home and we are just thrilled to be here!

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