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10 things to do in Kelowna when your friends are all busy

It’s finally your day off, but none of your friends are around and you’re bored beyond belief. You’ve scrolled through Instagram, binged through 5 seasons on Netflix and walked around your apartment a couple times…now what? Sounds like it’s time for a YOU day! These days don’t come around too often once you’ve dived head first into adulthood, so make sure you take full advantage of indulging in all the things that you like without having to apologize for it!

Catch a film

Going to the theater and watching a movie solo is highly underrated. First off, you can go see whatever movie you want, without trying to please any of your friends or significant other. Or maybe you just don’t want your buddies to know how long you’ve been waiting for Bridesmaids to come out. It’s dark and relaxing, there's no need for small talk and you the popcorn and fuzzy peaches all to yourself - it’s perfect!

The leg room is amazing! The movie will be even better!!! #starwarsgeek #recliningseats #familydate

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Stroll through the local farmer’s market

If it happens to be a Wednesday or Saturday morning that you have free, consider talking an exciting stroll through the local farmer’s market. Take the time to get to know your community and treat yourself to some amazing local products. Sip on freshly squeezed lemonade while looking through trinkets, and treat yourself to something to help you remember this day.

Attend a Wine + Art class

With a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, how could a night like this go wrong? Connect with yourself and find your creativity by channeling your inner Picasso while creating a masterpiece! You never know, you could surprise yourself with your talents. If it turns out to be more abstract than landscape - just blame it on the wine!


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Treat yourself

Resist the urge to order Chinese take-out or swing by that burger joint. Instead, dress up and head to a swanky restaurant! Eating dinner in a restaurant by yourself is truly a test of confidence. We’re not sure why, but it’s actually quite intimidating to dine alone. However, it's also the ultimate way to let the world know that you're a confident individual who can do anything by yourself and doesn't care what other people think. Plus, the cheque is much cheaper at the end when it’s only for one!

Hit the backroads

There's something so relaxing and yet thrilling about driving alone, with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair. Blast your favourite tunes and drive off into the sunset, or throw on a podcast and get lost along the lakeside.

little sunday cruise โœŒ๐Ÿผ #okanaganliving #lakecountry #sundaydrive

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Have a spa day

You don’t need an excuse to splurge on yourself! Many spas and salons in Kelowna offer walk in appointments, making an impromptu manicure possible. Or better yet, settle in for a relaxing massage and enjoy the peace of being in your own company.

Take a hike (Warning: with the air quality not ideal, a hike may not be the best option for everyone)

Go somewhere tranquil and be alone with your thoughts. Practice meditation or breathing techniques and take in the views of our stunning Okanagan scenery to feel rejuvenated and inspired. Since you’ll be alone with nature and your thoughts, consider bringing along your journal to write down your inspirations from the day, or take this time to start writing one!

Relax in your humble abode

Being alone at home is probably a pretty rare occurrence. Between one roommate coming and going (which of course means their friends coming and going as well), family stopping by, and your other roomie blasting music, wouldn't it be nice to be alone in your house for once? Unwind with a glass of wine and a good book, and put your phone on silent.

Dance like nobody's watching

There is no denying it, we all love to let loose and dance around the house in our underwear, while singing along to our favorite songs and using hair brushes as microphones. Dancing is also a great form of exercise, which releases endorphins to help you feel awesome! Just like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang have taught us, sometimes you just need to “dance it out!”


Go thrifting

It takes a strong will and impressive endurance to go through a cheap-as-dirt thrift store warehouse and find all the great gems. Sometimes you may not find a single piece! If you’re passionate and have what it takes, don't let a half hearted friend hold you back.

What are some of your favourite things to do around the city when you find yourself flying solo for the day? Let us know in the comments below and remember to tag @kelownanow and #kelownanow in your weekend pics!

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