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7 Summer sips to cool down with in Kelowna

There is no doubt that spring is in full force and summer is peeking its head around the corner. With sunshine filled days, green grass and an undeniable urge to hop in the lake, this warm weather already has us in vacay mode.

However, if you don’t have the time to take a dip in the pool, and drinking water just isn’t cutting it anymore, you have likely been trying to find new and creative ways to beat the heat and stay refreshed.

Instead of going through the heartache of failing to recreate the pretty drinks you’ve been seeing on Instagram, why not have someone else make them for you? We’ve found seven delicious and refreshing beverages you just have to try this summer and took the liberty of compiling a quick list for you.

Italian Soda - Il Tavolino

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

What’s not to love about this classic beverage? Perfectly chilled soda water and a splash of fruity flavour makes this drink ideal on a hot summer day. At Il Tavolino, they have a bunch of different flavours including cherry, strawberry, lime, coconut and pomegranate.

Peaches & Chai Frappuccino - Marmalade Cat Cafe

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

This intriguing combination makes for a perfect pick me up bevy to sip on while exploring all the unique shops down Pandosy. With refreshing peach puree and spicy chai tea blended to icy perfection, it is a must try this summer.

Iced Pink Fog - Naked Cafe

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

Move over Unicorn Frapp! There is a new magical beverage on the prowl. Aside from being mystically adorable with its bright pink colour and rainbow sprinkles, this vegan-friendly iced tea latte is stellar. A different take on the traditional London Fog, the Pink Fog includes earl grey tea, vanilla, soy milk and a splash of raspberry syrup for added sweetness. An added bonus is it’s the perfect drink to share on your Instafeed.

Lavender Lemonade & Matcha Milkshake - Pulp Fiction

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

It wouldn’t be spring without some flowers. This adorable, pale purple drink combines lavender flavouring and sparkling lemonade to give your taste buds an enticing new flavour and bring your core temperature down. This drink takes it to a whole new level of #extra, as it even has lavender infused into the ice cubes.

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

This matcha creation will really shake things up for you. With smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream, blended with matcha powder, and a green maraschino to top it off, this tasty creation will have those you Snapchat it to green with envy.

Frozen Pink Lemonade - Earls

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

Sure slurpees are great, but Earls takes it one step further with their adult Pink Lemonade. Tart and ice cold, this flamingo pink drink is best enjoyed atop the Earls rooftop patio while looking out over the sails.

Stone Fruit Iced Tea Lemonade - Blenz

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>

If you’re on the run and want something tasty yet simple, this is the drink for you. Black tea with a shot of cherry, peach and apricot infused lemonade poured over ice, this drink has all the intricacy of a personalized Starbucks order, but is a lot faster to make.

If your mouth is currently watering or you’re fanning yourself with the nearest object, we think it might be time to get your hands on one of these refreshingly chilled, tasty beverages.

What is your favourite drink to sip on a hot day? Let us know in the comments section.

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