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Police release horrific details surrounding the death of Nadia El-Dib

**WARNING: Some details of this story are graphic in nature and not suitable for all readers.**

Calgary Police have finished the investigation into the murder of Nadia El-Dib.

As such, they’ve released the details surrounding the night she was killed by her former boyfriend, 21-year-old Adam Bettahar, and they are not for the faint of heart.

<who>Photo Credit: GoFundMe

From what police have pieced together, Bettahar and El-Dib left a downtown Calgary shisha bar together around 3 a.m.

Then, around 4 a.m., Ed-Dib contacted a friend to express frustration that Bettahar refused to return her to her vehicle, which was parked near the shisha bar.

About 15 minutes later, Bettahar parked the vehicle they were in behind a home in the Marlborough Park neighbourhood, where El-Dib’s body was eventually found.

After parking, Bettahar stabbed El-Dib around 40 times and cut her throat, but that didn’t kill her.

She escaped the vehicle, but was then shot by Bettahar before falling to the ground in a nearby backyard.

Video evidence from the investigation shows two muzzle flashes were subsequently fired and forensic evidence from the scene show El-Dib was down on the ground when the second shot was fired.

Witnesses later reported hearing the gunshots, but police weren’t called until more than five hours later at 9:30 a.m., when the body was found.

Police believe that the two were seeing each other romantically in late 2017, but were not in a relationship at the time of this homicide.

However, this is still being considered a domestic homicide.

Bettahar went on the run following the incident, but was killed in a shootout with authorities on March 29, four days after El-Dib was killed.

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