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7 ways a hot tub can help your family soak up quality time together this winter

There is nothing more important and more enjoyable than spending quality time with the ones you love and care for the most. Hot tubs are an excellent way to spend time with family while unwinding and relaxing. They are also beneficial for you and your family’s mental and physical health.

Not only do hot tubs offer excellent health benefits, but they also encourage family bonding and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some reasons why a hot tub could be the next best addition to your backyard paradise.

Spend time away from technology

Hot tubbing is a great activity that keeps phones and other electronics away. At a time when children are growing up surrounded by electronics and most people spend multiple hours on screens every day, a little more face-to-face time is surely necessary.

Statistics Canada did a nationwide survey and discovered that almost all Canadians between the ages of 15 and 45 use the internet every day.

According to a blog post written by ParticipACTION, a Canadian non-profit organization that promotes physical activity, “51% of five to 17-year-olds are engaging in more screen time than is recommended by the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for screen-based sedentary behaviours.”

Minimize the tech time as experts suggest, rejuvenate and destress sans technology and spend more quality time enjoying the moment with your loved ones. Hot tubs are a fantastic social setting to talk about problems at work, those tough tests and projects at school and all of life’s little and big worries.

Warm up after a day in the snow

The family fun doesn’t have to come to an end after a long day of skiing, snowboarding or spending time outdoors in the snow. After unpacking the car, slide out of your snow suit and into your bathing suit and jump in the tub!

Play family friendly hot tub games

There’s nothing like sharing laughs and creating long-lasting memories with family, which will surely happen when playing hot tub games. Find a floating pad and play board-games such as Rummikub or waterproof UNO atop a floating island. You can buy a floating spa tray online or, get thrifty and crafty and create one at home by attaching pool noodles to the outside of a cutting board!

Who doesn’t love a game of hockey? Why not play this Canadian classic in the hot tub. It is an inexpensive and ridiculously fun game for the whole family. Divide into two teams. Get one ping pong ball, and try to hit the opposing team’s side of the tub with it. Here’s the catch — you can’t touch the ball, you must move the ball by blowing on it. When your lungs tire create waves to get the ball moving.


Another fun activity to do when the sun has gone down is stargaze! Name the constellations or learn about new ones while you soak in the heated water and receive a hot water massage. Use a star map to locate the constellations and watch them move across the sky throughout the year.

Snow obstacle course

Create an obstacle course in the backyard and if you’re extra daring, make swinging into a pile of snow one of the obstacles. Warning: ultra competitive kids may try to stay in the snow longer than they should, so make sure they don’t get sick!

The tingles and relief you get after jumping in the tub after touching the snow with your bare skin are exhilarating! Make snow angels in the snow and see who can waive their wings in the snow the longest.

Have winners of the games receive a cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Just remember to drink it outside of the whirlpool or out of a thermos.

Host events

Once you have your outdoor spa fully functioning and bubbling, you will also probably slowly realize you will have more friends. Invite other families over and lounge in the spa bath as the kids make snow angels in the snow and play pool games in the tub. Your house will soon be the new hot spot for family and friend gatherings. Or, treat yourself to some well needed girl time and have a ladies night!

Date night

Spending time with the whole family is important, but you deserve a bit of ‘adult time’ every now and then, too! Why not make some time for you and your spouse? Hot tub nights can certainly be a great date night. Sip some wine and bathe while you receive an underwater massage in a soaker tub. Light some candles and place them around the tub, and don’t forget to hit the lights in the hot tub for some extra romantic effects!

A hot tub makes an excellent addition to any family’s lifestyle. If you’re thinking about adding a hot tub to your backyard this winter and creating your perfect backyard oasis, visit Valley Pool & Spa’s website. You can also check out their hot tubs in person at 1659 Cary Road in Kelowna.

Valley Pool & Spa is a premium pool and spa service that designs, builds and delivers custom-made and retail pools and hot tubs. Valley Pool & Spa has been serving the Kelowna community for thirty plus years with a commitment to value, perfection and client satisfaction. If you need your hot tub or pool serviced, are thinking of purchasing a spa, or wish to create your own, call Kelowna's most trusted pool and spa service today at 250 860 2266.

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