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An unexpected love story

<who> Contributed by Perrara

She thought 8 years was more than enough time.

So, she broke it off.

But let’s back it up a bit. Over the last 8 years it had been pretty good. Comfortable even. They both worked, and when they were home they had their routines and by all accounts, they were doing pretty good. Andrea says it wasn’t “An event” that made her take a break, it was more that they were ever so slowly falling into a rut.

She says the lack of him proposing wasn’t even the thing that made her break it off. Her friends all thought it was the iconic bride and groom picture on the mantle was the crux of the issue.

She said it was the action of standing before one another and saying the things that truly matter. It was holding each other to a higher standard, and not just taking each other for granted. That was the part that was missing.

So, she broke it off. He cried. She cried. They both cried together because they did love each other.

After two agonizing weeks of asking her friends if she made the right choice - her cell phone rang. It was him. He told her that he never would have realized how important she was to his life and that he would do anything to get her back and that she was the very essence of his soul.

OK, that last part never actually never happened about the soul she says chuckling. But despite no Harlequin romance statement about souls, he did say all the right things.

He basically just told her on that fateful phone call, “I got too comfortable and I took you for granted.”

But that was enough. He surprised her with a trip to Italy and with the worst kept secret of their lives – he proposed on a sparkling moonlit night on a rooftop in Florence Italy.

Andrea smiles and says, “The best relationship advice I can give is, don’t settle. It’s not fair to either one of you. My Dad taught me that.

Now they are booked to the Wedding Band event this March 16, 17, 18th at Perrara Fine Jewelry. Andrea knows they won’t get married until late fall but he wants the rings done now because he now wants to let the world know their commitment to each other (Yea, he is now solidly on board).

No tax. Get the chance to win $2500 towards your honeymoon (Perhaps to Italy?). The most popular designers on the planet showcasing their very best collections March 16, 17 and 18 only. This event books out quickly.

Book remaining appointments here.

<who> Contributed by Perrara

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