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How an electric bike can change your day-to-day life

Electric bikes have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years and this has lead to a lot of innovation. There are plenty of brands that have been developing their own line of electric bikes with various electric motor options available.

An e-bike can do everything your traditional bike can do, but with a motor to help you along. They can replace a car on your commute, make your climbs on the trail a bit easier or get you around casually on any of Kelowna's local trails and pathways.

What is an electric bike exactly?

First of all, electric bikes use all traditional bike parts, but have an electric motor designed to assist you so you can bike smoother for longer.

E-bikes typically come in one of two motor configurations — rear hub or mid-drive. Each have their own strengths. Rear hub motors are great for casual riders and are usually more budget friendly. The mid-drive motor offers smoother power transfer and usually has a longer range.

All e-bikes offer pedal assist which senses your pedalling torque and speed to determine your pedalling power. With every e-bike, you can adjust how much assistance you need from your motor.

<who>Photo Credit: Kelowna E Ride</who>

A throttle style motor is another option. These are similar to the way a moped works — the throttle gives you plenty of control over your speed and doesn’t necessarily require pedalling.

Be sure to check out all the rules surrounding electric bikes so you have all the information you need before purchasing one.

Convenient transportation

Daily commutes can be long and tedious, especially during rush hour. This can feel like you’re stuck in traffic for hours and hours. Add in the heat during the summertime in the Okanagan and this can be quite uncomfortable.

Luckily, a bike in the bike lane or on trails, can skip most traffic and enjoy the sunshine instead. Electric bikes make this even nicer. Sure, it could take a few minutes longer than a vehicle to get where you’re going, but you will be cruising past traffic instead of being stuck in it.

With electric bikes you can maintain your speed better and maybe even beat the traffic. There are more routes that you can take — maybe there’s a shortcut that your vehicle can't take but your bike will fit right through, or a side road that would normally be inconvenient to wind a vehicle through.

While public transit can be quite convenient, an electric bike will allow you to travel on your own schedule. No more panicking in the morning to catch the bus or planning your day around bus schedules.

Improve your day-to-day

With this assistance from your electric bike, you can create a workout anytime and make it as challenging or easy as you’d like. Or you can go further on your scenic bike rides. Once you get tired you can let your electric motor take over so you can keep exploring. Just time it accordingly with your battery life.

For many, the idea of biking to work or to the store is appealing, but showing up covered in sweat is a deterrent. With electric bikes, you can allow the motor to maintain your speed so that you aren’t doing all the work. You will show up to your destination on time, refreshed from your bike ride and park with ease — no more fighting over parking spots.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, found that electric bikes provided higher physical activity than walking but less than traditional biking. This means that this option is a good alternative for those that want to bike but aren’t comfortable with the traditional style.

Investing for the future

Everything requires maintenance, that much is a given. Although, electric bikes don’t need as much maintenance as a vehicle. Investing into an electric bike to improve your lifestyle will end up costing you less in maintenance and repairs in the long run — not to mention saving money on gas.

Having both a vehicle and an electric bike is beneficial as well. Your vehicle will accumulate less wear and tear and your electric bike will provide you with more options in your everyday life.

Kelowna E Ride has a wide range of electric bikes to purchase or rent. They also have a helpful service shop right next door to handle all your maintenance needs and they provide pick-up and delivery services.

They're located at the south end of the rail trail in downtown Kelowna on 901 Ellis Street and they just opened up a new shop at the north end of the rail trail in downtown Vernon!

For more information or any inquiries, call Kelowna E Ride at 1 250 717 7124, send them an email, or head to their website.

Kelowna E Ride is leading the charge with both conventional and electric bikes for sale or rent. They provide pick-up and delivery services while servicing the bikes they sell.

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