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Is your rolling billboard working for you?

Although most traditional forms of advertising have lost the majority of consumer's attention by pigeonholing their audience, non-invasive billboards and signage remain effective.

Attention-grabbing, memorable and occasionally humourous billboards quickly tell your potential customers everything they need to know about your business.

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who> Amazing Pearly Whites vehicle wrap

When a billboard is done right, an alert viewer will retain your information. This results in a familiarity that sits at the top of their mind and is retrieved when they need the services your business offers.

In the image above, it is clear what the business is offering. When noticed, a consumer will see their ad and inherently read it. This then leads to instant comprehension and when required, the viewer may subconsciously remember your billboard and consider your services first.

But there is a caveat with traditional billboards. They can become stagnant, require updates that drive up the cost and worst of all, they are immobile.

<who>Photo Credit: 123rf</who>

Upon scrolling past the two images above, can you remember the number on the fifth domino?

Do you remember the services of the first image?

We've applied this example to assist your decision making. Would you rather be stacked amongst the clutter or would you prefer to stand out and generate leads?

With a vehicle wrap or decal by d6 Print Studio, you will get your results.

With multiple options, design services and adhesives by reputable producers such as 3M, Avery Products or SignMax, your rolling billboard is going to work for you.

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who> Stucco Surgeon decal package

When you design and install signage out front of your store or on your website, you should also consider the one-time investment of adding a billboard to your company vehicle(s).

To create your rolling billboard, make an impact and stand out like Sunbelt Rentals, which has a fleet of rolling billboards, contact d6 Print Studio. If you wish to stand out like Sunbelt Rentals, whose mobile call to action has become an advertisement that generates and gravitates attention, let us know.

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who> Sunbelt Rentals vehicle wraps

Will you choose to stand out and attract an attentive audience through the services of d6 Print Studio?

Here are some testimonials and images from those who have.

Sunbelt Rentals

"We recently got a couple of our work trucks wrapped with d6 and the service was exceptional!

The entire team at d6 went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy and to make sure that the vehicles looked awesome.

I personally would recommend d6 print studio. We will for sure be using them in the future." - Representative at Sunbelt Rentals (images above).

Eternal Timbers

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who>Eternal Timbers create a wood paneling on their modern company vehicle

Stucco Surgeon

"We wanted to design our service van to have a fun, eye-catching concept. The team at d6 helped us bring that to light.

Now, anyone that sees it is drawn to our services and our brand is recognized as a leader in the industry" - Sumner Dunn

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who> Stucco Surgeon decal package

Fairfield Animal Hospital

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who> Fairfield Animal Hospital designs being applied at d6 Print Studio

Gals Designated Drivers

If you've ever driven somewhere and then had one too many, the team at Gals Designated Drivers are available to meet you and then their team of designated drivers will drive both you and your vehicle home safely.

"With a more recognizable vehicle, it has become easier for us at Gals to get to get through roadblocks and customers recognize the car right away."

Having a vehicle wrap on this type of taxi service helps build awareness and get people and their vehicles home safely. For Gals, who also offers delivery services and wine-tours, getting noticed is very important for their company whose fleet uses a rolling billboard all around the Okanagan.

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who>

Skilltech Builders

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who> SKilltech Builders decals

Use this link or the image below to visit the d6 Print Studios to book a tour or reach out for services. We are located at 103 - 2293 Leckie Road in Kelowna or you can call 236-420-4070.

Kelowna Santas

"As someone who had never driven a wrapped vehicle before, I definitely noticed people paying attention to me," said Alexa Anderson, head elf and leader of the NowMedia Group's charity initiative, Kelowna Santas.

"From the very beginning, I began to see heads turning as they drove past or while I was sitting at the lights, it felt like all eyes were drawn to our charity, which to me, was heartwarming."

Kelowna Santas was created eight years ago to ensure that no child goes without on Christmas morning. The sleigh, which was designed by one of the talented graphic designers at Csek Creative, Taylor S., was then printed and applied entirely by the team at d6 Print Studio to build awareness for this grassroots charity.

"Even at the grocery store, people would ask about it and it really helped us get the word out and start the conversation," added Anderson. "When I showed the vehicle, or shall I say, 'sleigh' to Indy at Kelowna Toyota, our presenting sponsor for Kelowna Santas, he absolutely loved it too. I'd say if you'd like to support a cause, or promote your business, you can't go wrong with a vehicle wrap."

<who>Photo Credit: d6 Print Studio</who>This custom design was created by Csek Creative and the sleigh for Kelowna Santas was done at d6 Print Studio

Disclosure: The d6 Print Studio is owned by the NowMedia Group which is also the parent company of the NowCity media platforms that includes This article is a promotional article to promote the local services of the d6 Print Studio.

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