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5 things you need to know this morning: Oct. 3, 2022

Start your day off right with five things you need to know this morning.

Five things you need to know

1. Scientist who mapped Neanderthals' DNA awarded Nobel Prize

A Swedish scientist has been awarded a Nobel Prize for cracking the genetic code of Neanderthals. Svante Paabo also discovered a previously unknown relative of modern humans, the Denisovans.

2. Reports of unrest at university in Iran

There have been reports of violence at a university in Iran as the country continues to experience unrest. A large number of students at Sharif University of Technology were said to have been trapped in a parkade surrounded by police.

3. Fans 'died in the arms' of players during tragedy at soccer stadium

Soccer fans "died in the arms" of players during a tragic crush at a game in Indonesia, the coach of one of the teams involved has said. At least 125 people died in the disaster at Kanjuruhan stadium.

4. Newly discovered photos show Beatles in early days

Photographs have been discovered showing The Beatles performing in Liverpool early in their careers. The snaps show the Fab 3 (Ringo was yet to join the band) playing in the Cavern Club in 1961.

5. Shares in major Swiss bank sink amid questions over its health

Shares have plunged in the bank Credit Suisse as concerns mount over its viability. The Swiss giant's financial health has been questioned in recent days.

And lastly...

In happier news, scientists have discovered more prehistoric footprints and tracks from the age of the "Irish Sea Serengeti." The evidence, along a part of the coast in northwestern England, shows how the area was dramatically transformed over a period of about 9,000 years.

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