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‘Nobody has ever done this before,’ West Kelowna man decides to run 320-kilometres around Okanagan Lake

Tim Dickinson is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill runner - he has decided to accomplish his leg-numbing and lung-roasting goal of being the first to run the 320-kilometre perimeter of Okanagan Lake and set an unprecedented record in the area.

In February, he decided to make the approximately 200-mile trip around the perimeter of Okanagan Lake. He left Kelowna City Park at 8 a.m. Friday morning to accomplish his goal.

Crews will take 5 to 6-hour shifts riding beside Dickinson to make sure he is safe, fed and watered, especially considering the run could drain him of more than 10,000 calories a day and 20 to 30 litres of water.

Bill Justus is one of the fellow runners and supporters of Dickinson's trip that have dedicated some of their time this weekend to assist Dickinson with his journey and ensure his physical and mental health are kept intact.

"Part of the problem when you're doing this is boredom. It's physically challenging but it's mentally exhausting... It can be mind-numbing. You need to be as mentally strong, if not stronger, than you are physically," said Justus, explaining they will offer moral support and company along the way.

<who>Photo Credit: Bill Justus</who>

Despite the major undertaking that Dickinson has shouldered with this run, Justus noted that the run was an effort to claim the title as the first one to complete it.

"They've ridden around, it's been horseback ridden around, it's been quadded around, but nobody has ever run around it,” commented Justus.

Dickinson’s has only ever run 200-kilometre at most, said Justus, but he has been training for this long-distance trip for a while.

"A typical run for Tim is he'll get up in the morning and run into Penticton. He lives in Westbank," Justus laughed.

Justus said that Dickinson will run through the night, cut across Vernon and up the east side of the lake before coming back down through Okanagan Mountain Park, then Naramata, Penticton and back to West Kelowna.

Most of the running will take place on the roads, although there will be some rough terrain when roads aren't an option.

<who>Photo Credit: Facebook, Tim Dickinson</who>

Dickinson is currently making his way around Okanagan Lake and as of 4:15 p.m. on Friday was just approaching O’Keefe Ranch.

Be sure to watch out for Dickinson in your travels and be wary of all runners on the road this jogging season.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tim Dickinson’s 7.5-marathon long jaunt around the Okanagan and watch for him on the West Kelowna horizon Sunday morning!

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