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UPDATE: Big Brother Canada removes contestant following allegations of racism and assault

(UPDATE: Feb. 26 @ 5:30 pm): Big Brother Canada has replaced one of its cast members following allegations of sexual assault, racism and homophobia.

According to BBC, Ethan Quance has been removed from the show after Global TV and Insight Productions were made aware of the allegations.

"We take this information seriously and acknowledge the impact these concerns raise for both the production and those involved," wrote BBC.

"While much of what has been brought to our attention remains unproven, we cannot proceed with casting this person and this individual will be replaced ahead of the season premiere.

Quance will be replaced by Kyle Moore, a hockey coach from Red Deer.

(Original Story: Feb. 24 @ 6:30 pm): Big Brother Canada is back, though this year no Interior residents will be competing for the coveted $100,000.

For those who don't know, my name is John Luke Kieper and I spent 25 days inside the Big Brother House during season eight before it was shut down due to COVID-19. I, along with Kelowna residents Micheal Stubley and Rianne Swanson, will not be competing in the show's ninth season.

This year, BBC will include an entirely new cast of 14 Canadians. They will be living in an apocalypse-themed house that takes much inspiration from the 2020 season.

<who> Photo Credit: Big Brother Canada

Thankfully, BC will still be represented by Haida Gwaii's Kiefer Collison, New Westminister's Josh Farnworth and Vancouver's Julie Vu. Ontario will see the most competing contestants with six representatives.

Rather than just competing against each other and evicting houseguests until one is left standing, this season will feature two teams, a first for the show. BBC has opened voting to let Canada decide who will be the team captains.

As a former contestant on the show who lasted four weeks inside the house, I will be breaking down the cast, giving insight on who I think could do well this season. Shown below are my thoughts and projections for the future houseguests:

(Breydon White - 23, Calgary, Alta):

Breydon was an interesting character from the get-go. As a fellow alumn of Mount Royal University, I can't help but cheer for the self-described "huge dork." Where Breydon could excel in the house is reading people, he is confident and is going to school for a type of behavioral studies. Breydon does seem to have a bit of an attitude and being too spicy out of the gate could get him in trouble.

Prediction: Breydon is one of the first four evicted from the house.

(Julie Vu - 28, Vancouver, BC):

Julie checks off a massive first for BBC. She is the first-ever transgender houseguest to compete on the show. Julie is clearly a strong woman, having been through three major surgeries in her life. She says she won't put up with any crap and I believe it. Julie is a social media influencer who has 135,000 followers on Instagram, but those followers can't help too much inside the house. She seems like a nice person, but from what I've seen, I can't see her winning tons of mental or physical competitions.

Prediction: Julie is one of the first jury members.

(Austin Dookwah - 23, Newmarket, Ont):

Austin comes into this season as a model/realtor and has made it clear that a showmance is not out of the realm of possibility. Her most prized possessions are her crystals and she believes that no one will come close to her when it comes to memory competitions. Despite having zero boyfriends growing up, she is said to be "flirty," which should help her in the house. If in a showmance, Austin could put an early target on her back.

Prediction: Austin is out pre-jury.

(Ethan Quance - 22, Banff, Alta):

If I were to compare any houseguest to myself, or former Big Brother Canada winner Dane Rupert, it would have to be this guy. Ethan is a "goofball" who just likes having a good time. He plays sports, sort of talks like a ski bum and pretty much just chills out. Where he might not be the smartest houseguest, Ethan makes up for it by being a literal tank. This dude is jacked. I'm definitely cheering for this guy, but other houseguests might be getting wise to let the chill dude stay too long.

Prediction: Ethan makes it to jury.

(Kiefer Collision - 32, Old Massett, BC):

Kiefer honestly just looks like an overall joy to be around. He is funny, has a family and a rockin' mullet, what's not to like? Looking at Kiefer, it doesn't look like the radio host will be able to win a ton of competitions, but a strong social game is not out of the competition. He always tells himself to "Kief it real," which sounds like a great way to live. I see Kiefer making it decently far.

Prediction: Kiefer makes it to jury.

(Tina Thistle - 42, Paradise, NL):

Tina comes into the game as the oldest houseguest and lone representative from the Maritimes. She is strong, outgoing and always down to try new things. Coming into a house of mostly 20-year-olds is already a challenge, not to mention, the lone 40-year-old in the house during season eight put a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of viewers. Tina could have an immediate target, which doesn't give me a lot of hope for her.

Prediction: First boot.

(Rohan Kapoor - 26, Toronto, Ont):

Just looking at Rohan, I thought he could be a pick to win the show. After watching his intro, now I'm not so sure. He plans to go in as the villain, which seems a little suspect. His work as a "strategic partnerships manager" could help him a long way inside the house. Rohan wants to be the puppet master, a position that could lead him to success, though it rarely results in a win. I expect him to make it far but bow out before the finale.

Prediction: Rohan makes the final four.

(Josh Farnworth - 30, New Westminister, BC):

Josh will either do very well or miss out entirely. He seems like a really cool dude, but being an introvert or isolating yourself in the Big Brother House can put you at a disadvantage. Will he manipulate the game in the shadows, or float on through? Only time will tell. Josh seems intelligent and works with big personalities as a film production coordinator, which could help him in the long run.

Prediction: Josh makes jury.

(Latoya Anderson - 34, Pickering, Ont):

Latoya seems super cool. Some days, she is a police officer monitoring the streets of Pickering, others, she is modelling her own swimwear line at New York Fashion Week. The sky is truly the limit for this houseguest. I believe Latoya is going to do great and be a comp beast. She will most likely keep the fact that she is a police officer a secret, which should keep the sharks from circling her early.

Prediction: Latoya makes the final four.

(Beth Bieda - 27, Tomahawk, Alta):

Tomahawk is one of the coolest names for a town I have ever heard, just wanted to get that out there. Beth seems like a super nice, funny and loud woman. Living on a farm, Beth is no stranger to hard work, which is what she'll have to put in during her stay in the Big Brother House. I think Beth won't have a problem making friends in the house, but she does seem to talk a lot, something that could get her in trouble with alliances.

Prediction: Beth is one of the first four out.

(Tychon Carter-Newman - 29, Montreal, Quebec):

Tychon looks like a great dude. He is smart, charming, jacked and is no stranger to attracting women. This could either work out very well for him, or make him a target from the jump. Lots of men go into the game looking to get out a big target, Tychon fits that bill. Lots of women want to take out a strong man, Tychon fits that bill. If he can make a good alliance, I could see Tychon going far, but it will be very tough.

Prediction: Tychon gets evicted pre-jury.

(Victoria Woghiren - 27, Hamilton, Ont):

Victoria seems like a ton of fun and the life of the party. This doesn't always lead to success. Being loud and part of every conversation gets you on people's radars and I could see Victoria on multiple hit lists early. Victoria is clearly strong and resilient, having grown up in foster care, so expect to see her for at least a few weeks.

Prediction: Victoria is evicted in the first four weeks.

(Tera Gillen-Petrozzi - 37, LaSalle, Ont):

Tera wants to be the first-ever mom and oldest houseguest to win Big Brother Canada. That will be very hard to do with this strong cast. Tera loves to workout, is a family woman and has the ability to make people smile. I believe people will want to keep her around as she seems friendly and personal. I also think she is someone who others believe they could beat in the final two. Expect Tera to do very well.

Prediction: Tera is Big Brother Canada season nine's runner up.

(Jedson Tavernier - 25, Aurora, Ont):

Jedson comes into season nine with a ton of advantages. He is probably the most athletic member in the house, though he doesn't look like it. The varsity basketball player is 6'3" though he's less shredded than both Quance and Carter-Newman. He looks like he can make friends easily and has a positive, goal-driven mindset. All signs are pointing to Jedson as being a possible winner this year, if he doesn't paint to big of a target on his back early on.

Prediction: Jedson wins Big Brother Canada Season 9.

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