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BC's lone Big Brother Canada contestant bows out at final 4, The champion has been crowned

Spoiler Warning!!!!!!

Big Brother Canada is officially over and for the first time in two years, we have a new champion.

Last we checked in, Jedson was sent home via a diabolical plan that saw the house trick him into using the power of veto on Beth instead of himself. Tera was also sent packing on a fake double eviction, though she got back into the house via a battle back against Jed.

This left the final five at Tychon, Breydon Beth, Kiefer and Tera. At this point, the whole house was okay with sending Beth packing so she was in trouble.

Breydon won the Head of Household competition and the POV, for his third straight win. He, Kiefer and Ty all agreed to send Beth out the door in a unanimous vote.

With the final four now set, the houseguests went back to work to with hopes of clinching a spot in the finale.

Tychon would win his second HOH in three weeks to secure his safety. When the veto took place, the remaining houseguests had to channel their inner superheroes and solve multiple puzzles.

The first part of the challenge had them remembering their days and eviction votes as they needed to match houseguests to certain questions on a board. For the second part, the challengers put on costumes and had to remember a code pinned on a wall, which would turn off a laser that would stop their time.

Tera finished the competition in just 16 minutes, clinching her spot in the final two. She eventually decided to cut her close ally Kiefer with fear that if he stayed, he would win the game.

Though most of the day was about the veto, the houseguests did celebrate the Big Brother Canada Awards. Some of the awards handed out included "Best Dance Moves," "Most Ballsiest Moment" and the "Best Kiss."

Victoria had the top moves with her twerking, Latoya took home the ball-pit honours for lounging with the balls and Breydon and Ty shared the best smooch.

In the finale, Tera, Ty and Breydon got ready to battle it out for the chance of winning $100,000. Ty ended up winning the pivotal final competition, which meant he had to choose who he was taking to the final two.

For the first time in North American reality TV show history, the final 2 were two black men as Ty picked Breydon to go to the vote with him.

While Breydon made a strong case, Ty's resume was too good to pass up. His three HOHs and one POV, mixed with his incredible social game, led to a unanimous vote.

Tychon became the first black man ever to win Big Brother Canada. For second place, Breydon got $20,000.

While Kiefer didn't make the finals, he was named Canada's Favourite Player. He ended the season with two HOH wins and one POV.

Part of what made Ty's win so impressive was the fact that he ended up winning the most comps in the season and never touched the block. He will almost certainly be back for All-Stars if it ever happens.

With the season coming to an end, this will be the final Big Brother Canada post from NowMedia. We'll leave you with John Luke's closing thoughts as well as who could potentially be back for all-stars.

Thoughts from John Luke:

The season is over and while it did lose a little bit of steam towards the end, history was made and the right winner won. The cast was pretty incredible throughout and there were tons of laughs along the way. The competitions were mostly mental so comp beasts were few and far between. The diversity of the cast was amazing and a welcome change from the usually Caucasian-dominated. I could see a lot of these characters coming back as they were well-liked. It still hurts me that I didn't get to finish my season, but it feels so good to see these houseguests get to live out their dreams. Congrats to Ty for winning the money and to him and Breydon for making history. Hopefully we see their faces on our TVs again in the near future.

Possible All-stars:

Tychon: Ty is the obvious one as he won the show and dominated in comps late. He is charming, smart, funny and everything else. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be back in a future season.

Latoya: People loved what Latoya brought to the table and weren't happy with her short stint in the house. Roasting Jed and Beth on finale night also amped up the Twitter world. She could be an early boot that gets invited back.

Kiefer: If you were voted the most-liked person on the show, odds are you'd be wanted to come back. Kiefer kept it real and it'd be awesome to see him again.

Rohan: He won the most consecutive vetos in a row and was in serious consideration for Canada's favourite player. Though he didn't get a ton of screen time in the end, Ro is probably the fourth-most likely person to get back into the house from this cast.

Final Words:

For those who followed these segments week-to-week, thank you for checking them out and supporting the show. Until next season!

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