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Best movies to watch this Christmas if you’re stranded

We’ve all had it up to here with delayed flights, missing bags, and icy roads, so let's just jump right in…

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1. Home Alone, 1990, 1h 43m

You can’t really go wrong with Home Alone during the holidays. Whether you were supposed to be surrounded by family like Kevin, or enjoying a vacation like his family, you’ll resonate with this one.

2. Christmas with the Kranks, 2004, 1h 38m

A simple reminder that it’s never a good idea to try to skip Christmas. This movie is perfect for some good laughs and it’s got one of those classic “dad struggles with the Christmas lights” scenes everyone loves.

3. A Storm for Christmas, 2022, 3h 35m

This one isn’t technically a movie, but Netflix knew what they were doing when they dropped this limited series just in time for Christmas storms. If you’re looking for fresh entertainment, this show follows a group of travelers and airport workers as they navigate being stranded at the airport on Christmas.

4. Die Hard, 1988, 2h 12m

Some may argue that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie, but technically it is. Either way, this action film is sure to distract you from the situation at hand. Yippy ki-yay!

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5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 1989, 1h 38m

If your Christmas plans went exactly as intended, did you even celebrate Christmas? This off-beat Christmas comedy is full of quirky scenes and it’s perfect for people with a slightly darker sense of humor.

6. Daddy’s Home 2, 2017, 1h 40m

Elf isn’t the only great Christmas movie starring Will Ferrell. If you’re in the mood to get silly, this one has an all-star cast, completely ridiculous plot, and tons of goofy jokes to keep you entertained.

7. Meet the Parents, 2000, 1h 48m

If you’re missing the family, Meet the Fockers will have you laughing instead of crying in no time. Watch everyone's worst nightmares come to life when Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing. This movie has a sequel, and a threequel that is conveniently Christmas themed, so if you want a marathon, this one’s for you!

<who> Photo Credit: Canva

8. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 2000, 1h 45m

You might be feeling like the winter weather stole Christmas… or maybe the Grinch is somehow behind all the chaos? Either way, if you’re feeling vindictive, grab a seat to feel your heart grow three sizes, just like the Grinch's.

9. The Last Holiday, 2006, 1h 52m

If a rom-com is what you need, you’re in luck. You’ll be left with warm fuzzy feelings, a new found appreciation for life, and the push you need to finally start that New Year's resolutions list.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993, 1h 16m

Is Christmas second to Halloween on your list? Well, then you’ve probably already seen this movie a million times. Either way, turn this on and get lost in a stop-motion animated fantasy world of skeletons and goblins!

What’s your go-to Christmas movie? Let us know!

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