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13 Kelowna patios to enjoy a drink on this summer

Now that the summer weather is officially back, there is no better way to take it in than sitting on a patio with your pals.

Whether it’s on a rooftop, on the water or a hidden gem in the middle of town, there are plenty of stellar spots in Kelowna.

Here are a few you should make sure you visit over the next few months.


Kelowna's newest and biggest rooftop patio is now open! Revamping the old Paramount Theatre, Craft Beer Market has taken patio party to new heights with their spacious, sunshine filled patio that overlooks the heart of downtown Kelowna and the lake.

The best part? The close to one hundred craft brews from across the province and Canada. This is a prime spot for soaking in the sun and expanding your beer horizons.

Happy Grand Opening Day @craftkelowna

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Rose’s Waterfront Pub is called a waterfront pub for a reason. Out of all the downtown patios, it’s the closest to the actual lake (since Oak and Cru is on the pond) and it’s a great spot for a drink on a hot summer day. It’s also in a very central location, so it makes a great addition to any downtown pub crawl.

<who>Photo Credit: Rose's Waterfront Pub on Facebook


Though this is technically a sheltered patio, it is still a stunning spot to enjoy some sips and bites with company— plus, a break in the shade is always nice. Right along the boardwalk, you can anticipate lunch with a lake view. Regardless of it's close proximity to Roses, Cactus Club holds it's own with modern decor and a stellar menu, making it a great place to kick off your summer weekend activities.

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While Central’s patio isn’t on the water, it’s a great spot to kick back with friends. With amazing caesers and a different celebrity burger every weekend, it’s never a bad time to drop by Central to enjoy their patio.

<who>Photo Credit: Central on Facebook


It could arguably be called Kelowna’s signature patio. Earl’s On Top offers everything you love about Earl’s with maybe the best view in the city to go with it. There’s plenty of room on the Earl’s On Top patio and you have your choice of a regular table or a comfortable booth. The only negative is you have to climb a set of stairs to get to it.

<who>Photo Credit: Earl's On Top on Facebook.


Located right near Rose’s, Tree’s tasting room offers a pair of great patios. One is on the ground level with a few tables available. The other is upstairs, with one long, shareable picnic style table filling the space. Either is a great option to enjoy some of Tree’s housemade beers on and the upstairs patio is nicely shielded from the sun for those overly hot days.

<who>Photo Credit: Tree Brewing on Facebook & KelownaNow


Moving away from the downtown core, Smack Dab might be the best patio in the whole city. Located at the Manteo Resort in the Mission, Smack Dab is a great option if you want to be close to the water and away from downtown. Smack Dab also boasts a wide variety of B.C. craft beers on tap for you to enjoy.

<who>Photo Credit: Smack Dab on Facebook


Right beside Smack Dab is another great patio in the Mission. Hotel Eldorado has a waterfront patio that will offer spectacular views of the lake. It’s a great spot for boat lovers, since the hotel is also a marina and during the summer there will be boats coming in and out of the area all day long.

<who>Photo Credit: Eldorado Hotel on Facebook


Keeping things waterfront, Oak + Cru is one of Kelowna's newest patios and is one not to be overlooked. Located inside the Delta Grand Hotel, Oak + Cru not only offers a great view of the lake, but serves up some of the tastiest and refreshing cocktails you can find. Not to mention the fact that they regularly highlight Okanagan fruits and spirits on their menu.


Sometimes it’s nice to be in the middle of all the action and that’s exactly what you get on the patio at Doc Willoughby’s. Located right on Bernard Avenue downtown, the smaller patio offers a nice spot to unwind and do a little people watching. Doc’s also boasts an entire menu of $6 options if you’re trying to stay on budget.

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow</who>The patio is a little more active in the summer!


Don't put this patio at the top of your list as they are currently closed for renos. However, this quaint little watering hole inside boasts a great patio. There’s not a ton of room, so you won’t always be guaranteed a spot, but when you can snag a table on the Sturgeon Hall patio, it’s a great spot for lunch and a drink. .

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps


If you’re looking for a good weekend brunch spot, the Grateful Fed patio is the perfect spot for you. Located on the busy downtown stretch of Bernard Avenue, Grateful Fed has a great breakfast menu and hangover caesers at the ready. If you’re looking for breakfast on a weekday, they offer their classic eggs benny for just $7.99 between 8 a.m. and noon, Monday to Friday.

<who>Photo Credit: Grateful Fed on Facebook</who>There's more patio behind them, we promise.


You just can't go wrong with good ol' Kelly O's! Pachos, an extensive drink menu, and now a newly renovated outdoor patio to enjoy. The newest hot spot is always buzzing and it can be tricky to nab a seat, but when you do, get ready for pure bliss. Great veiws of the heart of downtown, great food, cold bevvies and room for all your friends makes this a must visit patio not only this summer, but year round!

Honourable mentions:

There are a lot of good patios in Kelowna and we couldn’t include every single one, so here are a few others you could add to your list to try this summer.

The Canadian Brewhouse, Creekside Pub, Okanagan Spirits, Packing House Pub, all offer good spots to enjoy an adult beverage outside.

Also, there are plenty of smaller patios downtown to be enjoyed as well and most local wineries will have a nice outdoor space too.

There’s also a number of great patios in West Kelowna that could have made the list had we decided to expand it to the other side of the bridge.

Did we miss any patios that should have been on this list? Send your thoughts to

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