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New Sculptures Added to Kelowna Public Art Scene

Two locations in Kelowna are showcasing public art sculptures by Enderby artist Braden Kiefiuk. Kiefiuk, who is a self-taught metal artist created the mule deer first, which is now placed in front of Argus Properties Ltd., on Manhattan Drive.

<who> Photo Credit: </who> Ted Callahan stands with Artist Braden Kiefiuk

After creating the deer, and feeling proud that it turned out, Kiefiuk then went on to build a grizzly bear sculpture, which now lives at Hotel Eldorado on the boardwalk.

<who> Photo Credit:

Ted Callahan, Argus President contacted Kiefiuk when the bears were almost finished and asked to buy them.

The animal sculptures were bought to showcase the history of the animals within the community. “We’ve placed Braden’s Monumental sculpture for all to see on our boardwalk at the Hotel Eldorado; a place we imagine these bears once roamed freely in the early days of this town we are all so blessed to live in.” Callahan said.

The deer was placed in front of Argus Properties, which used to be the former CN rail yard, where deer were known to travel to after coming down Knox Mountain.

Kiefiuk said he is surprised about his art being on display. “I was thrilled to be given the chance to create a sculpture for all to enjoy as an authentic connection to our past. I hope it is a reminder of our place in this ‘settlement’ we call Kelowna and our responsibility to live in balance as our town grows.”

The art was placed at the two Kelowna locations at the end of the summer, but were officially unveiled on November 5th. Tony Payton, spokesperson for Argus Properties said Kelowna public art does a lot for the community.

<who> Photo Credit: </who> Tony Payton speaks during the November 5th unveiling.

“As a city I think we’ve gained appetite for public art, monumental public art. It adds to our aesthetic, appreciation, and experience everyday as we live here. It reminds us of our good fortune that we all have, simply by finding ourselves in this magnificence we call Kelowna.”

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