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A Kelowna-inspired gratitude list

Kelowna has to be one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, and our residents have a lot to be grateful for living in the Okanagan Valley.

We may be a bit biased because we also live in the Okanagan, but as part of the Gratitude Project, we have decided to show you a handful of local things that brings gratitude to the community.

  1. The temperature

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Close your eyes. Now, imagine blue skies, the hot sun beating down on you with your toes in the sand at City Park. Wow! That is what dreams are made of. Kelowna has amazingly hot summers, with an autumn that brings out your red nose and a winter that is cold, but not too cold.

Did we mention the winter is actually only a month or two long, unlike other provinces where it snows for eight months of the year?

  1. Okanagan Lake

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The Okanagan Valley is known for a ginormous lake (135 kilometres) that runs through the region. The lake sees hundreds of sailboats every summer float the waves, while Kelownians also hop on tubes, skis and wake boards to enjoy the summer fun.

The lake is also a beautiful sight to look at when you’re trying to remind yourself what there is to be grateful for in the Okanagan.

  1. Mountains to climb

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Another great thing about Kelowna is that there are so many mountains to climb. Being outdoors can bring a sense of gratitude to people while exercising helps keep the mind sharp. We’re grateful that every weekend you can practically pick a different hike to see the views from the top. Before it snows, check out Pincushion Mountain in Peachland.

  1. Cheap eats

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The Okanagan may not actually be known for its food choices, but there are a lot of great local foods to be eaten. We’re especially grateful for cheap food options like the $5 menus at Doc Willoughby’s Pub and the $7 menu at Fernando’s Pub. On that note, Doc Willoughby’s offers breakfast all day long and Fernando’s has the best nachos KelownaNow has ever tried.

  1. Wine

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Need we say more? There are wineries and vineyards scattered throughout the Okanagan and you should probably check out each and every one. Cheers!

  1. When you find a great parking spot

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Kelowna may have a problem when it comes to parking. There aren’t enough parking stalls and paid parking is quite expensive. So, when you find the perfect street parking right in front of where you’re going, it’s time to celebrate.

  1. Local produce

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We’ve touched on cheap eats at restaurants and the delicious wine at every corner of the Okanagan, but another thing to be grateful for that Kelowna has to offer is fresh produce.

Kelowna has a local farmers market twice a week in the summer and there are fruit and vegetable stands on every street. There’s no need to go to the supermarket for produce.

Why not grab your basket, head to the market or park your car and wander around a fruit stand picking up locally created goodies. When you shop local, you not only get fresh produce, but you're also helping a local resident and their business.

  1. The creative community

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Kelowna is an inspiring, empowering and welcoming arts community; there are so many organizations, events and partnerships to be grateful for.

All the way from Inspired Word Café, the Kelowna Community Theatre to Parks Alive concerts, everywhere you turn in Kelowna there is either art or somewhere to buy it.

Kelowna has so much to offer its residents and Kelowna’s residents have so much to offer the city. We are grateful to live in such a beautiful community and we hope you are, too. Did we miss something on our Kelowna gratitude list? Let us know what you’re grateful for in Kelowna in the comments below.

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