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VIDEO: Dog owners are cautious after poisoning allegation at Kelowna dog park

Dog owners are playing it safe after an alleged poisoning at Kelowna's Mission Dog Park.

A Kelowna RCMP news release issued Tuesday relayed what happened to the owner of a Bernadoodle after her dog drank from the water at the park on Sunday.

“On the way home from the park, her dog became violently ill, and was sluggish the following day,” explained the RCMP statement.

The information came from the dog owner.

“Blood work confirmed her dog had high levels of toxins and suffered severe kidney damage,” the news release continued.

The RCMP went on to provide a description of a potential suspect.

"A heavier set Caucasian female, roughly 50-60 years old, with brown/red hair," reads the release, "wearing a blue toque, brown jacket and boots, with dark brown plastic sunglasses."

But the subsequent police investigation has yet to confirm the incident as a poisoning.

"We can't confirm it was poison," said Kelowna RCMP spokesperson Ryan Watters.

And no other dogs appear to have been impacted.

"We haven't had any other complaints about sick dogs," said Watters.

When KelownaNow reached out to the dog owner whose dog took ill, the woman wouldn't say if the presence of poison had been confirmed, instead, she referred us to the animal hospital.

The animal hospital hasn't confirmed that either.

Still, Facebook posts have clearly stated that dogs have been poisoned at the dog park.

It was less busy than usual today, which could have something to do with the colder weather, but dog owners are being cautious about it all.

"Yeah, it worries me. I can't believe somebody would actually do that," said Kelly Wilcox.

"If somebody is, you have to be concerned about the water and people coming in and out. You've just got to be a bit more careful," he said.

"If it's true, I hope they find them before I do," said Scotty MacMillan. "It's kind of f***ing sick really."

Katy Pevach said she would steer clear of the dog bowls for a while.

"That's really scary for sure," she said.

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