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Use caution when breaking down sandbags

A picture sent to KelownaNow shows a scary encounter between a black widow and a fire crew member removing sandbags.

<who> Photo Credit: Contributed.

The photo serves as a good reminder to exercise caution while breaking down flood protection as black widows notoriously like small, dark, spaces where they can capture food.

“There must be some type of other insects like sand flies that's attracting the spiders,” said Steve Ball of BugMasters Pest Control.

“Black widows are naturally peaceful spiders, most bites are primarily due to negligence on the part of the person who got bit.”

Those removing flood barriers should always wear gloves to avoid the chance of a nasty bite from a black widow.

“They can deliver quite the bite, for some people it’s like a bee sting and for others the bite can be similar to a bad allergic reaction,” explained Ball.

It’s strongly suggested anyone suffering severe swelling, pain or flu like symptoms seek medical attention immediately after a bite.

Sandbags used for flood protection have begun to come down in certain areas around Kelowna considered to no longer be at risk of flooding.

Click here for a full update regarding flood protection and sandbags.

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