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VIDEO: Bright Jenny Coffee officially opens its second location

Bright Jenny has become a mecca for coffee lovers in Kelowna's North End, and now you can find the same great coffee on Kirschner Road, just off Springfield.

"It's just on the edge of Landmark," said owner Dave Upshaw. "It's more of a drive-by location."

With just 15 seats, it's more of a grab-and-go space than the original Bright Jenny, but like the first location, the new one will be roasting on-site, so the aromas will be calling out to coffee lovers all over the neighbourhood.

And that's not all Upshaw hopes to bring to the area.

"Our other space, It's the brewery district now. but before it was basically just a bunch of industrial spaces," he said.

<who> Photo Credit: NowMedia

"I hope, at least, that we brought some personality to that area, and it's now growing. It's becoming a really cool thing and I think we had a part to do with that and here I'm hoping to do a similar thing, kind of bring this neighbourhood up and add some personality to it."

Bright Jenny serves up dark roast coffee, lattes and all the traditional favourite cappuccinos, but it's at the other end of the counter that it really sets itself apart.

It's a pour-over bar, featuring special coffees from around the world with an array of flavour profiles that tend to be lighter and fruitier with crisp acidity.

That's one of the reasons it's called Bright Jenny.

<who> Photo Credit: NowMedia

"Absolutely, so bright is one of the main words that we use as a descriptor for the types of coffees that we serve," explained Upshaw.

"Our lighter roasts are more bright, fruity and crisp. So 'bright'," he added. "And then Jenny is, of course, my wife who is my inspiration for everything I do and she's also a super bright person as well, so it just kind of fits."

Bright Jenny began with Upshaw roasting his own coffee in a barbeque and selling it from an antique trailer at farmers' markets, so the venture is born out of a true love of coffee.

"We have just slowly grown up into what we are now," said Upshaw.

<who>Photo credit: NowMedia </who>

And the staff share in that love for what they brew, without any air of pretentiousness.

"I think we have the vibe there that makes people feel comfortable," he said.

"We want you to ask questions about coffee. We want to be able to educate you on real coffee."

Today was the official opening, the roaster will be installed soon.

You'll find the new location at 1977 Kirschner, somewhere between Fairfield Animal Hospital and Diamond H Tack, across the street from the OK Corral.

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