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VIDEO: Woman recounts harrowing, fatal deer attack in West Kelowna

Lisa Marie Lawrence is a frequent visitor to the Westgate Mobile Home Park and has grown accustomed to the deer.

She was also aware there were fawns around.

But nothing prepared her for what happened while walking with two family chihuahuas on Monday evening.

When Lawrence first spotted the doe, it was in full attack mode.

"And she just went directly for us," said Lawrence, who had both dogs on leashes.

"So I let go of the leashes and my one little dog ran back here, but the deer just came right at me and it was just like pounding me."

As the deer struck Lawrence with her front hooves, Lawrence's dog, Luna got away, but her daughter's dog, Huey, stayed to protect her.

<who> Photo Credit: KelownaNow <who> Luna with owner Lisa Marie Lawrence

"I was crunched down on the grass and it was pounding on the back of my head."

Lawrence suffered a concussion, bruising and scrapes in the ordeal.

"I was screaming my head off too," she said. "Trying to get it away from us and I threw my glasses at it, my sunglasses and then I noticed Huey."

The deer then turned her attention to the second little dog, heroically standing his ground.

<who> Photo Credit: Lisa Lawrence <who> Huey the hero, having a nap in better times

"She just went and she trampled him," said Lawrence. "And that gave me enough time to get away."

The fatally injured dog then hid under a car.

"Once the fawn walked away, then the mother deer started to follow her, so I pulled Huey out from under the car."

But by the time Huey made it to a veterinary hospital, it was too late.

Lawrence said she was more than well acquainted with the deer, which are a celebrated part of the neighbourhood.

<who> Photo Credit: KelownaNow

Several nearby homes are decorated with images of deer.

"The doe that I'm talking about," she said, "she actually had her fawns in my dad's backyard which is next door. We were there when they were born."

Lawrence said she still adores deer, even now.

"I already knew I had to be careful with the dogs, but she just came out of nowhere."

She was motivated to be interviewed to remind everyone to be cautious around deer.

"Because they're so cute and you think that they're harmless, but they're definitely going to act like the wild animals that they are to protect their young."

<who> Photo Credit: KelownaNow

Conservation Officers have posted a warning sign near where it happened.

The Ministry of Environment responded to questions about this incident with a statement suggesting people take precautions.

The statement says deer are often with their young and are more likely to become aggressive at this time of year.

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