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Missing Kelowna cat found 65 km away after 6 weeks

If only we knew what Snoopy has seen over the last six weeks.

After going missing from his Kelowna home on Dec. 8, 2018, it was “absolute heartache” for his family.

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Hope of finding the adorable white cat was surely fading, but on Tuesday afternoon, Denise Egan got a message from a lady named Margaret.

“I believe I have your cat Snoopy,” she said, with the added kicker of, “and I live in Penticton!”

Egan was in disbelief, having "accepted after six weeks (that) he was likely gone,” so she called Margaret and heard the full, crazy story.

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Snoopy had been given to Margaret by a friend of a friend, who had received the cat from a woman who lived near the Egan family in Kelowna.

Still following?

The Kelowna woman had been feeding Snoopy under the assumption he was a stray, and when she moved away from the Egan's neighbourhood in early December, she decided to gift the cat to a friend in Penticton.

That friend eventually realized she was allergic to Snoopy, so decided to pass him on as well and he eventually found his way to Margaret.

When Margaret took Snoopy to the vet to get a rabies shot, they discovered his tattoo and contacted the Egan's vet in Kelowna.

<who>Photo Credit: @snoopy_thecatdog on Instagram

Today, Egan and her son drove 65 kilometres to Penticton to retrieve their lost cat and express their gratitude towards Margaret.

“Had Margaret not taken him in, we may have never reunited,” Egan said.

Although it was a difficult six weeks for the family, it's certainly a happy ending and it’s just the latest chapter in what’s been a wild life for Snoopy.

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The seven-year-old cat showed up on the family’s lawn in February 2013 and Egan’s sons instantly wanted to take him in.

“I said no way, as one of the boys was very allergic,” Egan explained. “We went about our day (and) came home to find this little white cat still on our lawn.”

“The boys went over to the nearby school to play and the cat followed, and followed them home. The next day, the cat (was) still there, (so) we took him to the vet to see if he had a chip or a tattoo.”

He didn’t, but Egan’s concerns over her son’s allergies remained, but that’s when the vet told them that often people don’t react the same to a white cat.

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After a few more cries of “please, mom” from the kids, the family adopted Snoopy and Egan says he “has lived far beyond nine lives.”

“He’s more like a dog than a cat,” she said. “He’s a very unique cat in that he goes for walks with us, he likes car rides and he enjoys going out on my paddleboard.”

Thanks to Margaret, there will now be plenty more paddleboard rides in Snoopy’s future.

Just in case your smile wasn't already big enough after reading this story, here's a few more pictuers of Snoopy, who you can follow on Instagram by clicking this link.

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<who>Photo Credit: Contributed

<who>Photo Credit: Contributed

<who>Photo Credit: Contributed

<who>Photo Credit: Contributed

<who>Photo Credit: Contributed

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