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Norman Lake residents experience close bear encounters

It was an eventful few days for the cabin community of Norman Lake this past weekend as multiple residents experienced a few uncomfortably close bear encounters.

One such incident involving a three-year-old boy and his pregnant mother brought the animals within steps of the playing toddler.

</who>Photo Credit: Northern Bear Awareness Society</who>

“My father was out in the boat, trying to get our attention,” explained area resident Kristine Hunter.

“He was screaming and pointing to the shoreline. Once I could make out the word ‘bear’ I ran out front and grabbed my son who was playing in the sandbox while his aunt weed-wacked the driveway. The bear was about five metres from both of them and neither of them knew.

"At this point, my dad had reached the shore and joined my sister and husband in yelling at the bears who continued to saunter through the yard. It wasn’t until our three family dogs started to chase them that they had any sort of urgency.”

Another resident’s brother was chased into his truck on Saturday morning but managed to run the bear off.

Click here for more information on how to stay safe in bear country.

To report aggressive or threatening bears call 1(877)952-7277.

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