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Gas stations have slashed their prices to help flood relief efforts

Grand Forks has been hit hard by region’s flooding, with nearly 3,000 people having already been evacuated.

In an effort to mitigate flood waters, locals have been doing all they can to help one another with sandbags, generators and general transportation.

According to Grand Forks resident Ken Ludwar, local gas stations are pitching in as well.

<who> Photo Credit: Ken Ludwar

"Gas was as high as 146.9 cents a litre just a week ago, but ever since the flooding began the price has been steadily dropping," said Ludwar.

"I think they're trying to help out because everyone here has been running around with the sandbagging effort and transporting people and goods." shows Grand Forks has the lowest gas prices in the province, with nearby cities Trail and Osoyoos both paying at least 145.9 cents a litre.

The community's downtown roads are currently all blocked off and many people are battling the waters to protect their homes.

<who> Photo Credit: Contributed.

Officials in Grand Forks have confirmed that negotiations are underway to bring in members of the Canadian military to assist as flood waters are expected to rise close to or above last week’s levels by the weekend.

However, the community is continuing to stand together and help out their neighbours in the face of the historic flooding.

"Everyone is pretty upbeat with helping each other out," said Ludwar. "Three-quarters of the community is ok, but you see the devastation to your neighbours homes and it feels good to be there for them in a time of need."

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