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There's snow on B.C. highways and winter tire season is just a few days away

Friday is the first day of fall, which means winter tires are in your imminent future.

Between October 1st and March 31st, drivers must obey winter tire and chain signs throughout B.C.

Outside of the Lower Mainland, almost every highway in B.C. requires winter tires after October 1st.

You may even want to consider putting your winter tires on before October 1st if you're travelling some of B.C.'s higher elevation highways, as some have already seen snow in September.

Drivers are recommended to install mountain/snowflake tires for cold weather driving, as winter road conditions across most of the province include snow and ice.

B.C. accepts winter tires displaying the three-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol or the mud and snow symbol, with at least 3.5 mm tread.

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow

Some tire manufacturers choose to mark their tires with both designations, but only one is necessary.

Four matching winter tires are recommended, but you must have at least two matching tires on the primary drive axle.

NowMedia visited Chad at Boyd's Tire and Auto Service in downtown Kelowna to find out all you need to know about winterizing your vehicle.

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