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VIDEO: Having a bad day? Here’s how to turn it around

Bad days happen, and sometimes it’s really difficult to shake them.

You wake up feeling off, are running late from work and you have things to go over but no one is getting back to you.

It’s one of those days that makes you want to crawl right back into bed… at 10 a.m.

Before you convince yourself the day is a complete throwaway, take a deep breath. It’s not too late to turn your bad day into a good one.

As part of The Gratitude Project, life coach Cheryl Molenaar from CherylMCoach and Third Space Foundation has put together some tips on how to do so.

According to Molenaar, changing your mood can be as simple as three easy steps.

1.Pause- Get in touch with how you’re really feeling. Be honest and don’t judge yourself.

2.Reflect- Think about what you want to accomplish in that situation, and who you want to be.

3.Redirect- Consider other perspectives. Use gratitude to think about what is working, instead of what isn’t.

Check out KelownaNow’s video with Molenaar and leave your feedback on how you turn a negative mood positive.

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