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UPDATE: Allie Lake wildfire now listed as 100% contained

(UPDATE: May 30, 2018 @ 1 p.m.) - The Allie Lake wildfire is now listed as 100% contained.

The fire is being held at 2,739 hectares. BC Wildfire Service says that cooler temperatures and the more than 7 mm of rain they have received last night has significantly aided in suppression of the noteworthy fire.

Crews continue to fortify hand and machine guard around the fire, are working to cool hot spots and are mopping up around the perimeter.

Danger tree assessment and falling will be done in key areas of the fire, with some areas requiring a significant amount of work to ensure they are safe for ground crews. A scan of the fire will be done in the coming days to identify hot spots within the fire's perimeter.

The area restriction remains in place.

(UPDATE: May 29, 2018 @ 1:15 p.m.) - The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has rescinded all evacuation orders and alerts pertaining to the Allie Creek wildfire.

The fire, which is 55 kilometres northwest of Kamloops, has shown very minimal growth in the last 24 hours, as it remains right around 2,700 hectares and 35% contained.

There are now 139 personnel, rather than the 132 seen yesterday, but there's also five less helicopters in the air.

These are the addresses that were previously on some kind of order or alert:

  • 5160, 5193, 5233, 5245, 5401, 5450 Bonaparte Lake
  • 9992 to 10096 Bonaparte-Spur Lake FSR
  • 4680 to 5760 Eagan-Bonaparte Lake FSR
  • 9221, 9593 Clinton-Upper Loon Lake FSR
  • 3050, 3515, 4240, 4244, 4248 Eagan-Bonaparte Lake FSR
  • 7888, 8396 Clinton-Upper Loon Lake FSR
  • 9145, 9425, 9708, 9713, 10020 Deadman Vidette Rd

(UPDATE: May 28, 2018 @ 2:45 p.m.) - The Allie Lake wildfire, about 55 kilometres northwest of Kamloops, is now estimated at 2,700 hectares.

There are 132 firefighters, 12 helicopters and 12 pieces of heavy equipment assigned to the fire, which is 35% contained

As of noon today, changes were made to the area restriction for Crown land near the fire as crews continue to try and get it more under control.

The amended area restriction will remain in place until it's rescinded and applies to Crown land within the boundaries shown on the map below.

<who>Photo Credit: Government of B.C.

Under this order and Section 11(2) of the Wildfire Act, a person must not remain in or enter the restricted area without the prior written authorization of an official designated for the purposes of the Wildfire Act, unless the person enters the area only in the course of:

  1. Travelling to or from his or her primary residence;
  2. Travelling to or from private or leased property for the purpose of accessing his or her secondary residence or recreational property;
  3. Travelling as a person acting in an official capacity;
  4. Travelling for the purpose of supporting wildfire suppression activities;
  5. Engaging and/or participating in agricultural activities pertaining to livestock management on private or leased property;
  6. Engaging and/or participating in a commercial activity within the regular course of the person's business or employment on private or leased lands; or
  7. Are customers of commercial businesses that engage in an activity using the foreshore or Crown land covered by water.

(UPDATE: May 27, 2018 @ 10:40 a.m.) - The Allie Lake wildfire, still estimated at 2,200 hectares, has seen some increased fire activity.

BC Wildfire Service reports that the late afternoon winds yesterday increased activity, and air skimmer were used to cool the north head of the fire. The fire is moving away from Allie Lake in the north easterly direction at this time.

Continued afternoon winds are forecasted for today, and with continued warm temperatures, firefighting efforts are expected to be a challenge.

There are 112 firefighters, 10 helicopters, eight pieces of heavy equipment, structure protection specialists, and an incident command team assigned to the fire.

Helicopters continue bucketing the active areas of the fire while equipment and firefighters work to establish fire guards.

Recreation sites in the area have been closed and an area restriction in place for the area. Evacuation orders and alerts remain in place.

<who>Photo Credit: BC Wildfire Service

(UPDATE: May 26, 2018 @ 12:15 p.m.) - The Allie lake wildfire is now estimated at 2,100 hectares.

Currently, helicopters are bucketing the active areas of the fire while equipment and firefighters establish fire guards.

Cooler temperatures overnight kept the fire at it's current size, however, continued warm temperatures and afternoon winds are expected to challenge firefighting efforts.

Recreation sites in the area have been closed, and an area restriction is being issued for the area and the public is asked to avoid the area for safety concerns.

There are 112 firefighters on site along with Structure Protection specialists. An Incident Command Team has been assigned to this fire. There are also 10 helicopters responding and eight pieces of heavy equipment.

(UPDATE: May 26, 2018 @ 10 a.m.) - The Allie Lake wildfire is estimated at 2,100 hectares as of last night at about 6:30 p.m.

Now considered an interface fire, it is now posing an imminent threat to people and property, and the district has issued evacuation orders and alerts.

There were 23 firefighter on site throughout the night to continue suppression efforts..

In response to the Allie Lake wildfire in Deadman-Vidette, Kamloops Fire Rescue (KFR) has established a link with the BC Wildfire Service to closely monitor the fire's status.

The KFR says the fire does not represent a threat to Kamloops at this time as it is not travelling south. It is currently moving north-northeast.

"Based on our conversation with BC Wildfire and the fire's direction of travel, we are not concerned for the City of Kamloops at this point," says KFR Assistant Chief Steve Robinson. "We will continue to monitor the situation closely with BC Wildfire."

(UPDATE: May 25, 2018 @ 10:30 a.m.) - The Allie Lake wildfire is now estimated at 1,600 hectares and still burning out of control.

<who>Photo Credit: BC Wildfire Service

BC Wildfire Service crews were on site yesterday supported by air tankers and helicopters. 23 firefighters remained onsite overnight. Suppression efforts will continue today with ground crews, heavy equipment and air support.

(UPDATE: may 24, 2018 @ 5:19 p.m.) -

The Allie Lake wildfire, 55 km northwest of Kamloops, has grown to 800 hectares today.

Crews are still fighting the fire, which is listed as out of control, with 45 firefighters, one helicopter, four pieces of heavy equipment, and some air tankers.

This fire is located near the perimeter of the 2017 Elephant Hill wildfire but is a new wildfire.

A BC Wildfire Service spokesperson told NowMedia that the fire is putting up a lot of smoke, and is still visible from several communities.

(UPDATE: May 24, 2018 @ 1:30 p.m.) - The Allie Lake wildfire is burning out of control, growing to 100 hectares in size. This morning it was mapped at 60 hectares.

BC Wildfire currently has 45 firefighters, one helicopter, and four pieces of heavy equipment.

Smoke from the fire is still visible from several communities across a widespread area.

BC Wildfire reports that the cause is still unknown, but fire origin and cause personnel are en route to the fire.

(UPDATE: May 24, 2018 @ 10 a.m.) - A wildfire that started yesterday northwest of Kamloops is still active and is now mapped at 60 hectares.

The BC Wildfire Service says that although the fire is near the perimeter of the 2017 Elephant Hill wildfire, it is a new start.

No structures are threatened at this time, however a significant amount of smoke is visible from several communities across a widespread area.

Crews were on site yesterday, supported by airtankers and helicopters. BC Wildfire remained onsite overnight, and suppression efforts will continue today with ground crews and air support.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

BC Wildfire crews are also responding to a 25 hectare fire that started yesterday in Xusum Creek, 35 km west of Lillooet near Anderson Lake.

(Original Story: May 23, 2018)

A new wildfire has started in the Kamloops Fire Centre today.

The BC Wildfire Serice is responding to a 50-hectare wildfire about 55 km northwest of Kamloops near Deadman Vidette Road.

<who>Photo Credit: BC Wildfire Service

The fire is burning near the perimeter of the 2017 Elephant Hill wildfire.

Crews and aircraft are currently responding to the blaze.

Smoke is visible from several communities throughout the region.

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