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Another 42 temperature records shattered in BC on Tuesday

It was another beautiful day across British Columbia on Tuesday.

Throughout the province, people were busting out the shorts and wearing short sleeve shirts for the first time of the year.

You may have even seen a few pairs of flip flops.

The unprecedented March heatwave continue to break temperature records in all corners of B.C., including four records that were over 100 years old.

Six spots crawled over 24°C, including the province’s hot spots on Tuesday, which were Abbotsford and Tofino at 24.5°C.

Tofino’s new record more than 5°C higher than the old one, set in 1928, and it wasn’t the only place on Vancouver Island shattering records that had stood for decades.

Victoria’s harbour area reached 20°C on Tuesday, 3.3°C higher than the previous record set all the way back in 1878.

With another beautiful day forecasted around B.C., we’ll see if any more weather records fall today, but it’s a safe bet that at least a few will be broken.

Here’s a full list of records set on Tuesday:

  • Abbotsford: 24.5°C (Old record 20.0°C, set in 1960)
  • Agassiz: 24.4°C (Old record 23.7°C, set in 1928)
  • Bella Coola: 20.3°C (Old record 17.8°C, set in 1947)
  • Blue River: 16.6°C (Old record 12.7°C, set in 1998)
  • Burns Lake: 14.7°C (Old record 11.5°C, set in 1998)
  • Cassiar: 12.4°C (Old record 9.0°C, set in 1981)
  • Chetwynd: 18.5°C (Old record 13.3°C, set in 1979)
  • Chilliwack: 24.1°C (Old record 23.9°C, set in 1928)
  • Clearwater: 18.3°C (Old record 17.8°C, set in 1913)
  • Clinton: 13.9°C (Old record 10.0°C, set in 2007)
  • Dease Lake: 15.4°C (Old record 11.1°C, set in 1947)
  • Esquimalt: 20.7°C (Old record 19.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Estevan Point: 19.7°C (Old record 16.0°C, set in 1908)
  • Fort Nelson: 17.0°C (Old record 12.8°C, set in 1947)
  • Hope: 24.1°C (Old record 21.7°C, set in 1947)
  • Hope Slide: 16.9°C (Old record 14.5°C, set in 2016)
  • Kitimat: 17.1°C (Old record 13.3°C, set in 1960)
  • Mackenzie: 12.6°C (Old record 11.0°C, set in 1979)
  • Malahat: 19.2°C (Old record 14.5°C, set in 1988)
  • Masset: 16.6°C (Old record 13.9°C, set in 1900)
  • Muncho Lake: 17.1°C (Old record 8.0°C, set in 1998)
  • Nakusp: 14.1°C (Old record 12.2°C, set in 1915)
  • Nanaimo: 20.0°C (Old record 17.8°C, set in 1928)
  • Pemberton: 18.0°C (Old record 17.2°C, set in 1928)
  • Pitt Meadows: 23.8°C (Old record 20.0°C, set in 1914)
  • Port Hardy: 18.2°C (Old record 15.0°C, set in 1960)
  • Powell River: 18.2°C (Old record 17.2°C, set in 1928)
  • Prince Rupert: 18.5°C (Old record 17.2°C, set in 1928)
  • Sechelt: 18.3°C (Old record 17.2°C, set in 1984)
  • Southern Gulf Islands: 22.3°C (Old record 18.9°C, set in 1909)
  • Squamish: 24.2°C (Old record 18.9°C, set in 1960)
  • Tatlayoko Lake: 17.8°C (tie) (Old record 17.8°C, set in 1947)
  • Tetsa River: 14.4°C (Old record 9.0°C, set in 1984)
  • Tofino: 24.5°C (Old record 19.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Vancouver: 15.5°C (Old record 14.5°C, set in 2016)
  • Vanderhoof: 15.0°C (Old record 14.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Victoria: 20.0°C (Old record 17.8°C, set in 1928)
  • Victoria Gonzales: 21.0°C (Old record 19.4°C, set in 1928)
  • Victoria Harbour: 20.0°C (Old record 16.7°C, set in 1878)
  • Whistler: 15.0°C (Old record 14.4°C, set in 1992)
  • White Rock: 22.6°C (Old record: 16.9°C, set in 2016)
  • Williams Lake: 15.7°C (Old record: 13.3°C, set in 2015)

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