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The “Best of Kelowna 2014” will be selected in the following manner:


Categories will be published online, with a call for nominations on April 7, 2014. Nominations are to be submitted by the general public over 19 days, closing on Friday, April 25th at Noon. Nominees must be nominated by at least 5 voters to be eligible for a category. A maximum of 10 nominees for each category will move through to the voting round. If more than 10 nominees are received for a given category, the top 10 most-nominated will move on.

Nominees, once achieving the minimum required nominations, will be listed on the “Best of Kelowna 2014” website (bestof.KelownaNow.com) for viewers to see while the nominations are open. A minimum of 3 nominees must be received in a category for that category to move into the voting round.

The voting for the “Best of Kelowna 2014” from the successful nominees will begin on May 5th at 8:00 am. Voters will be able to vote for their favourites by completing the online voting form. In order to vote, you will need to register on the site with an email address or by logging in with your Facebook account. One vote, per category, per person.

Voting will be open from Monday, May 5th at 8:00 am PST for a period of 14 days and will close on Sunday, May 18th at 5:00 pm.

Winners will be announced online on Tuesday, June 10th at 2pm PST at bestof.KelownaNow.com. Winners will also be announced in a print magazine entitled “Best of Kelowna 2014”.


Voting Procedure

  • Voters will need to either register with a valid email address, use their current KelownaNow.com registration, or their Facebook account to vote.
  • One vote, per person, per category.
  • All voting is to be done online at bestof.KelownaNow.com.
  • Voters can complete as many categories as they wish at any time. For example, they can do 5 one day and return the next and do 5 more and so on, until they have voted for each category once.
  • Social media shares will be available for voters to announce their choices as an option.
  • Voters will be able to complete the voting by visiting the comprehensive voting page, or by visiting a specific business's profile page
  • Nominees will be able to promote their nominee page by sending traffic directly to that page to encourage voting for their business or service.



Nominees in the categories will be supplied with a free Logo Premium Listing on KelownaNow.com, where the viewer can click through to learn more about them. The Logo Premium Listing will be supplied for a one-year term. Nominees will have the ability to add links to their site, description, social links, photos, video, deals, mapping, and contact info through their Logo Premium Listing.

After the voting process is complete, Nominees will be provided with the badges that they earned beside their names on the Best of Kelowna mini-site as well as their business listing on KelownaNow.com.

Winner – “Best of Kelowna 2014” or Top Finalist – “Best of Kelowna 2014”.

  • Only 2nd and 3rd place finishers will receive top finalist badges.
  • The Best of Kelowna badge will link to the “Best of Kelowna 2014” mini-site.
  • The Best of Kelowna mini-site will display the winners and finalists in list and map view. Winners and finalists will also be provided a badge for their listing on the business directory.

Nomination Procedure


Nominators will use a form on the “Best of Kelowna 2014” mini-site (bestof.KelownaNow.com) to nominate in the established categories.

Nominators can complete the comprehensive nomination form or a portion of. A valid email address will be required to complete the nomination. At the completion of the nomination, the nominator will be asked if they wish to join our mailing list to stay informed on what’s happening in Kelowna via KelownaNow.com. On submission, they will be directed to a landing page informing them of the“Best of Kelowna 2014” rules and important dates. For complete rules and regulations, please visit rules.


Best of Kelowna 2014


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