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Fort McMurray evacuees packed some hilarious things while panicked

While there has been a lot of sadness and shock in the community of Fort McMurray, some have been able to have a good laugh by sharing a common story.

More than 80,000 people were evacuated from the community as an aggressive wildfire ripped through the area and many people only had a matter of minutes to pack what they could before fleeing. It turns out the panic and shock has made for some funny stories as evacuees have shared what crazy things they packed before fleeing their home.<who> "We didn't remember any food or water but remembered our formal dress wear!" said Joelle Wolverton.

In the Facebook group Controversial Humour Fort McMurray everything goes, evacuees have been sharing the funny things they packed before leaving their homes. Jennifer Knuth decided that she desperately needed her ski pants and Kraft singles cheese slices, while Tricia Hein packed her Complete home bartender’s guide book, and Norcutt Viviane’s husband grabbed their garbage container.

<who> Jennifer Knuth started the hilarious thread by sharing the strange items she packed.

While everyone who has posted or commented understands the seriousness of the situation, many have commented that it is nice to share a laugh with others during such a stressful time. Many have also commented that it is a relief to see that others packed crazy things during this time of crisis.

<who> "My hubby brought our garbage container, omg thanks god was empty! What the hell he was thinking?" said Norcutt Viviane

Have a look for yourself and have a chuckle at some of the strange things people grabbed, thinking they could not live without.

<who> "My lucky rubber ducky I got from my gf Victoria Leigh McRae but left my box of all my sentimental items," said Stephane Simard.

<who> "I packed half a blender and a watermelon. Lol," said Vanessa Law.<who> "My husband and I forgot the dog bowls, tooth brushes, ID, SIN card, Birth Certificates and Health cards.. but remembered Cards Against Humanity, A Maple Leafs ring from a beer box and a tin of guitar picks," said Martha Edwards-Osmond.<who> " I brought my Avalanche beacon... Because all the avalanches," said Chloe Bentley.<who> " I just found this in my makeup bag. I forgot clothes but I got this awesome head light lol," said Jennifer M Bernier.<who> "My hubby has no underwear but he brought a pie plate!" said Danielle Dureault.<who> "What? Why would I pack a hot glue gun??? I have no socks, but if something needs to be hot glued we are set," said Canada Roberts.<who> " I made sure I packed ALL 11 of my wigs!...😂 but not one piece of documentation other than my passport lol," said Amanda Greenough.<who> "Clearly he panicked😂 no shirts or pants but he didn't want to loose his recycling?" said Nichole Mcconnell.<who> "Over 50 pens and pencils!!! Have no idea why? And i have no kids!!!" said Elham Saeedi.<who> "Picture says it all lol," said Lindsay Colin Marche.

<who> "A party dress, 4 pairs of wool socks that my Nan knit, and the ashes of my deceased dogs in case they were to burn again?! Only took two shirts for myself though but enough underwear for my boys for about a month. And a pair of pjs for them to share. My husband packed more clothes than I even knew he owned," said Monique Dempsey.

<who> " forgot all toiletries but did manage to remember eyelashes and self tanner.. not my brightest moment," said Renee Hefferan.

<who> "My hubby packed Sask Roughriders whisky and an air compressor," said Jennifer Welte Sereda.<who> "Grabbed this and ran like hell," said Claire Kowalchuk.<who> "My mom didn't pack any underwear or really any clothes for herself but she remembered to bring her wine making kits!" said Larissa Kresse.

<who> "No underwear and no complete outfit...but I brought potatoes..." said Michelle Daley.

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