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Two B.C. cities ranked as having some of the most miserable winters in Canada

Winter in Canada can be pretty brutal, but do you know what cities have it the worst?

Expedia does and they made a definitive ranked list consisting of 20 cities across Canada that have the most miserable winters.

Each listed city corresponds with a series of snowflakes, thermometers and fires representing the amount of snowfall, the frostbite factor and the number of ways to stay warm.

Only two B.C. cities made the list, both of which reside in the north.

Terrace B.C. came in at number 20. While this quiet city may not get that chilly, it does get a lot of snow!

According to the website, Terrace was buried in 2015 with 150 cm of snow in just two days!

The second B.C. city named was Burns Lake, coming in at number 15.

Much like Terrace, it was ranked relatively low in terms of temperature, especially when compared it to the other cities. But what it lacks in cold weather it makes up for in snow.

According to Expedia, on Feb. 11, 1999, the weather station at Tahtsa Lake recorded Canada’s most snowfall ever in a single day which reached 145 cm!

Coming in a number one on the list is Rankin Inlet, NU. This city is so cold, that fog is often made up of tiny ice crystals! When that happens, temperatures are reaching -40C or colder.

Let's be thankful we don’t have to survive those winters.

Click here to see the complete list.

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