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Usher tells 2 women to stop kissing during Jack White concert in Edmonton

An Edmonton-based musician decided to go public with a shocking incident that happened to her at a Jack White concert in the Alberta capital last week.

Allyson MacIvor was at Rogers Place to take in White’s performance, which was capped off with one of the most popular alternative rock of all time, “Seven Nation Army.”

It also happens to be one of MacIvor’s favourite songs of all time.

During that song, MacIvor grabbed her friend that she was attending the show with “and kissed her,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “A fun moment on a beautiful night.”

Most wouldn’t think anything of it, but as MacIvor wrote in her post about the incident, one young Rogers Place employee wasn’t having any of it.

She pulled MacIvor away from her seat, waving her finger disapprovingly, and told MacIvor "that's not allowed here."

Shocked, MacIvor asked if she meant kissing her friend, to which the employee responded, “yes, and if you have a problem with that you can speak to my manager.”

They finished enjoying the final song before putting on their coats and following the employee to the manager’s office, “as if we were being taken to the office at school.”

The worker told her manager “they were kissing at their seats during the encore, which is inappropriate sexual behaviour,” at which point the manager took control and sent the woman on her way.

MacIvor says despite the one young employee’s response, the manager and arena staff were very apologetic but it still brought tears to her eyes “realizing we still live in a world where I have to watch my back as a ‘gay’ woman.”

After coming home “speechless, disturbed and sad” following the incident, MacIvor shared the story to her Facebook page the following day.

It’s been received with an outpouring of support and shock from those who have seen it.

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