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Faces of Kelowna: Shivani Sharma

Meet Shivani Sharma, a notary public dedicated to serving our community with integrity and expertise.

“My mantra is excellence through integrity, one document at a time,” says Shivani.

“In admiration of the noble notarial profession, I, like many dedicated notaries, is committed to providing trustworthy and reliable notarial services, ensuring the community's needs are met with professionalism and care.”

Shivani serves a diverse range of clients, including those seeking assistance with notarization of simple documents, such as affidavits, statutory declarations and travel consent letters, to helping those who need assistance with complex transactions like real estate conveyancing (purchase, sale mortgage and refinance) and drafting of personal planning documents, such as wills, power of attorneys and representation agreements.

“I ensure clients’ documents are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail,” says Shivani.

“My goal is to connect with a varied spectrum of individuals and organizations from real estate professionals, mortgage brokers and legal experts to local businesses, seniors and non-profit organizations.”

Shivani’s journey to become a notary is a testament to resilience and unwavering commitment. As a landed immigrant to Canada, she faced the initial challenges of adapting to a new country and building a career.

“I persevered, ultimately becoming a Canadian citizen, an achievement that filled me with pride and a deep sense of belonging,” she says.

Her professional journey ran from junior legal assistant to professional conveyancer to being commissioned as a notary public by the BC Supreme Court.

Initially, Shivani was a staff notary at a well-established notary corporation.

“Then, I realized my calling – to launch my own notary practice, committed to upholding the values of integrity, precision and a personal touch in every professional service I provide,” she says.

“I enjoy my work immensely because it allows me to play a crucial role in peoples’ lives. Every document I draft or notarize represents a significant moment in someone's life, whether it's a will, a real estate transaction, or any other crucial legal document. Being able to provide a service that helps individuals and businesses navigate these important milestones is incredibly rewarding.”

Shivani sees herself as a bridge between traditional notarial practices and the future of notarial services using all kinds of technology, all the while preserving the core values of integrity, precision, and trust.

“By embracing these changes while maintaining a strong commitment to the community, I aim to provide notarial services that meet the changing needs of our clients in a rapidly evolving world, ensuring they receive the highest quality notarial services with the utmost care and dedication,” sums up Shivani.

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