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Faces of Medical Aesthetics: Basis Clinic

Basis Clinic always stays true to its motto #NextToNatural.

“Natural beauty and confidence is always in style, despite the trends that we all see come and go,” says Dr. Jon Dautremont, who co-founded Basic Clinic with Deanne Pilsner, RN.

“If you walk by someone on the street and it looks obvious they’ve had ‘work done’ or have fake-appearing features, they are likely not a client at Basis.”

As such, Basis’ typical clients are women and men that wish to look refreshed or rejuvenated, yet still look like themselves as they begin to see the effect of the aging process or wish to prevent aging changes.

“Our clients don’t want to look obvious or that they ‘had work done’, they want to be noticed for the right reasons,” says Deanne.

“Our results are natural and predictable. Our typical client is seeking a high-end experience and true expertise.”

You’ll notice that Basis refers to both men and women as its typical clients, but still feels that men are underserved.

“Healthy skin is for all, whether it is a daily skin care routine, facials or injectables,” says Dr. Dautremont.

“We are committed to making this an experience men look forward to as much as women. Natural results that have even the closest friends and family wondering: Has he been working out? Getting lots of sleep? Or, perhaps been on a restful holiday recently?”

Helping you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin without filters is what Basis does best.

Dr. Dautremont and Deanne created Basis Way to elevate medical aesthetics using evidence-based, clinically proven treatments that are approachable, consistent and personalized in a luxury setting.

Basis is a boutique clinic, where the medical director – Dr. Dautremont – is a facial reconstruction trained head and neck surgeon, and the injector – Deanne – is an extensively trained registered nurse.

Expertly trained aesthetics providers help you achieve your desired results reliably, but also ensure safety and avoid serious complications.

An intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and function is imperative to the quality of results and to avoid a ‘fake’ look.

“Fortunately, complications from medical aesthetics treatments are rare,” says Dr. Dautremont.

“However, it’s important, regardless of where you go for treatment, to ask: ‘Who is the surgeon here that will be responsible for addressing and fixing any unforeseen complications?’ There is significant variation in training and qualifications levels that operate under the term ‘medical aesthetics.’”

With proper technique, injections should be nearly painless, without swelling or bruising.

Facial surgery has always been a part of Dr. Dautremont’s practice, whether through managing skin cancer or performing corrective nasal or eyelid surgery.

Adding medical aesthetics is a natural extension of this, having seen a need for providing a higher level of expertise to patients wishing to improve their facial appearance, address their chronic pain issues, or prevent further aging and sun damage.

“Giving someone their confidence back aesthetically, or helping them manage chronic pain (TMJ and migraines) is very rewarding,” says Deanne.

“We love being experts in this specialized field. We educate our clients, develop the best treatment plan to achieve their goals, and most importantly – a treatment plan that is in line with their desires and budget. When clients say things like: ‘I feel ten years younger’, ‘I no longer wear makeup to the gym’, or ‘I can finally bite into a carrot without pain’- there is nothing more rewarding.”

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