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The Face of Beauty: Samantha Wedlund from Success21 Salon

‘Find your passion and make it your destiny!’

This mantra has not only guided Samantha Wedlund throughout her life but has also led Success 21 Salon to remarkable achievements.

This year, the salon has been honored with two prestigious awards: Extension Specialist and Hair Replacement Specialist for 2023, a testament to Samantha's dedication and skill.

At the heart of Orchard Park Shopping Centre lies a sanctuary of beauty and self-expression – Success 21 Salon.

Founded by the visionary Samantha Wedlund in 2019, Success 21 is not just a salon – it's a journey into the transformative power of hairstyling.

Success 21, acclaimed for its expertise in hair extensions, offers a variety of techniques including braidless weave, braided weave, tape-ins, keratin, and micro & nano beads. Success21 transcends the typical salon experience.

"We're about more than just a haircut or a color. We offer a journey of self-discovery," Samantha explains.

Her eco-friendly vision elevates hairstyling into an art form, helping clients explore and express their individuality.

Whether it's a precision haircut, inspired color, or intricate braids and cornrows, the salon caters to all hair needs for both women and men.

"Our hair extensions have become a client favorite, offering voluminous, long hair that exudes confidence," says Samantha.

The salon's holistic approach is evident in every aspect.

"It's about personal connections, understanding individual needs, and ensuring each visit uplifts spirits," Samantha coos.

This ethos extends to their remarkable products, exceptional customer service, and an atmosphere that makes every visit enjoyable.

Samantha's personal and professional journey as a curly hair specialist is central to Success 21's ethos.

Her understanding and skill in working with curly hair have made the salon a haven for those seeking expert care for their natural curls.

Success21's Facebook page is a hub of inspiration, showcasing before-and-after photos of real clients and humorous, relatable quotes.

From Calvin Klein's praise of finding the right hairdresser to lighthearted sayings like ‘Got 99 problems, but bad hair ain’t one,’ the salon's online presence is as vibrant and uplifting as its physical space.

Success 21 celebrates its clients, referring to women as queens and men as kings, a testament to the empowerment they feel with their new looks.

"Our seasoned stylists understand the power of a good haircut and the magic of perfect color," Samantha shares.

The salon's distinction as a Hair Replacement Specialist is evidenced by its superior services in wigs, toupees, toppers, and clip-ins.

As an educator, Samantha shares her award-winning knowledge with aspiring stylists, empowering them to explore new opportunities in the beauty industry.

Her passion for teaching is a cornerstone of her professional philosophy.

Educating the future: The Success 21 Hair Academy is an extension of this commitment to excellence, offering aspiring hairdressers and extension specialists the opportunity to learn through online courses and intensive in-class training.

The salon's recent awards are a celebration of its commitment to excellence in hair care, styling, and client satisfaction.

Here, every client’s journey becomes a story of beauty, confidence, and fulfillment of destiny.

At Success21, every service is an invitation to explore and embrace your unique beauty. Samantha Wedlund and her team of 'right hairdressers' are not just styling hair; they are crafting experiences that leave clients feeling confident, beautiful, and empowered.

This is more than a salon; it's a destination for those who seek to express their best selves through their hair.

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