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Dive into luxury with Valley Pool & Spa

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These days, most luxury accessories are purchased to be seen and elevate our status.

Although this desire to flaunt our affluence stems from a joyous affinity for compliments, we keep some of our most luxurious possessions to ourselves... that is until your neighbours hear you shouting "cannonball!"

Suddenly everyone knows that hidden behind your home lays one of the most sought after outdoor furnishings in Kelowna, the prestigious manifestation of luxury, a fibreglass pool.

If you're one of the people left out in the heat with nowhere to cool off, you may be wondering how you can acquire such a prominent possession.

Thankfully, you can discover a realm of pool possibilities at Valley Pool & Spa. And with fast installation, you'll quickly be gazing upon your ravishing reflection as you escape Kelowna's summer heat.

To obtain a long-lasting fibreglass pool for a cordial celebration that elevates your property value, all you need to do is contact Valley Pool & Spa. They'll help you step into aristocratic status, making you feel like you've moved to Bel-Air.

Cue harp sound effects. Moving to Bel-Air got us thinking... prior to diving into fibreglass pools, KelowaNow and Valley Pool & Spa decided to put the all-new article reader to good use by creating a fun summertime satire that's sure to put you in a good mood.

Please enjoy this throwback and keep reading or listening to learn how you can live in the lap of luxury this summer:

Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned right-side-up. And I’d like to take a moment, so just sit right there, while I tell you about how I had a fibreglass pool installed last year.

In West Kelowna, born and raised, in my backyard pool is where I spend most of my days.

Chillin' out relaxin' all cool, shooting some Instagram pictures inside of the pool, when a couple of friends showed up with some food, we started grilling up for the neighbourhood!

I had one little party and all my neighbours came prepared. They even brought their kiddos to enjoy the fresh air.

And as I looked at my backyard, one thing became clear: now that my fibreglass pool is here, I’m about to host more pool parties this year!

Theme song satires aside, you know what a fibreglass pool is and deep down, you know that you want to become the fresh pool prince or princess — so just go ahead and call or drop by Valley Pool & Spa already.

But if you need a little more convincing, fibreglass swimming pools offer some of the best combinations of design flexibility, sturdy materials and affordability.

And with fast installation from Valley Pool & Spa, you’ll be throwing pool parties faster than Uncle Phil could toss out Jazzy Jeff!

Once permits are approved, you could be swimming in your backyard in less than a month.

It's true, getting a fibreglass pool is akin to an ascension that alters your public persona.

Fibreglass pools require fewer chemicals and the smooth surface fights algae and other unwanted grime from building up, which makes cleaning your pool as easy as swimming in the shallow end.

When you install a fibreglass pool from Valley Pool & Spa, you’ll use fewer chemicals and save more money — helping you stay fresh in and out of the pool.

Quick to install and inexpensive to maintain, it’s easier than ever to choose your ideal shape and size. Valley Pool & Spa has a deep selection of pools that’ll increase your property value. But who are we kidding? This is a quality of life investment rather than a financial one, isn’t it?

Contact Valley Pool & Spa for the freshest eco-friendly fibreglass pools in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley. They offer financing options and you’ll get the royal treatment with Valley Pool & Spa’s lifetime warranty and elite service.

To get in contact with Valley Pool & Spa, call 250.860.2266 or send an email to If you prefer to do your business the old fashion way, drop by their storefront anytime between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday at 1659 Cary Road.

Valley Pool & Spa is a family-owned company that has been bringing luxury to the lives of Kelowna residents for 45 years, offering pool and hot tub installation, servicing and customization.

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