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7 ways to show gratitude this Thanksgiving long weekend

Thanksgiving is a weekend full of great food, family time and beautiful autumn weather. It’s also a time to reflect on the good things you have in your life and what you’re grateful for.

While you’re relaxing this long weekend, here are some things to do that will build gratitude in your already amazing life.

  1. Go for a walk in nature

Spending time outside is the perfect way to be at peace with yourself. Wrap up in your favourite plaid scarf, step into your comfiest boots and take a walk on the wild (woods) side. While you’re walking among the trees, stop and take a second to breathe in. Show gratitude to the trees, the leaves on the ground and the path you’re walking on. Appreciate and acknowledge how good you feel breathing in the fresh air.

  1. Spend time with family

Growing up we always wanted to break free and be our own people. Now, the best times are spent with family and those closest to us. Thanksgiving is one holiday that brings families together. Soak in the family time. Suggest an evening with no cell phone, but instead, talk, play board games and just laugh (with a glass of wine in hand). What is better than that? Also, take pictures because memories fade, photographs are forever.

  1. Bake someone festive goodies

Pumpkin pie… molasses cookies… pecan cake… coffee cake… apple crumble… need we say more?! One way to show gratitude is to give someone something without expecting anything in return. Baking a lovely pie or cake is a great way to bring gratitude to someone else, while reminding you to be grateful for those in your life.

  1. Cook a meal with fresh and healthy ingredients

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Nothing feels better than eating a healthy, hearty meal. What’s even better is when that meal is made from fresh, local and organic foods. This weekend try to cook a meal, or at least one side dish, using the freshest and most colourful food. You won’t regret it and I bet it will taste super good.

Examples: local pumpkins for pumpkin pie. Local apples from a fruit strand for apple crumple. Fresh kale and lettuce from your neighbour’s backyard garden.

  1. Show gratitude for your meal

Before chowing down on the juicy turkey, homemade stuffing, crispy potatoes and yummy root vegetables, why not show the food a little gratitude. Take a few minutes when your food is in front of you to show it gratitude. While you’re eating, pay attention to every bite, every bit of flavour and just how delicious it really is.

  1. Make a list about what you’re thankful for

This is the perfect opportunity to sit down by the fire place with a cup and tea and really think about what you’re grateful for. It could be friends, family, good food and a hot beverage. Or, it could be fuzzy soaks, babies in pajamas, puddle jumping and rainbows. Whatever you’re grateful for, write it down in a notebook. Whenever you’re feeling blue, rereading the passage and we promise you’ll feel better.

  1. Today

Appreciate today. Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day. Take this Alice Morse Earle quote and make it your new life motto. Appreciate every day and try to start paying attention to the little things because in the end, they’re the most important things.

Open your eyes, see the world differently and remember that we have so much to be grateful for.

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