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The ultimate downtown Kelowna summer pub crawl

It’s hard to beat a summer pub crawl.

With a small and busy downtown core, it’s easy to try a number of different watering holes on foot.

<who>Photo Credit: KelownaNow

In downtown Kelowna, there are at least 20 great spots to grab a cold drink and maybe even some food, but even the biggest drinker would have trouble hitting all the hot spots in one day.

It’s best to go at a leisurely pace, strolling to a handful of places and enjoying your time.

There are many ways to go about a downtown Kelowna pub crawl, but here’s a route that we think offers you a wide range of different drinks at some of our favourite downtown bars.

1. Tree Brewing

Suggested drink: Pint of Hophead IPA

Start with a nice pint of beer at Tree Brewing. With a number of things on tap and some great snack options, Tree is the perfect, central place to start any downtown Kelowna pub crawl. We’d suggest a pint of their signature Hophead IPA, but Tree has a number of beers and even a couple of ciders on tap.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>The walk from Tree to Rose's is a quick one.

2. Rose’s Waterfront Pub

Suggested drink: Double long island iced tea

Just a stone’s throw from Tree Brewing, you’ll find one of Kelowna’s best-known pubs. Rose’s offers up a great patio and a chance to shoot some pool if you’d like. The pub isn’t necessarily known for a signature drink, but their long island iced teas are always popular.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>Enjoy a nice walk along the boardwalk in between Rose's and Central.

3. Central Kitchen & Bar

Suggested drink: Central Caesar

After Rose’s, take a nice walk along the boardwalk through Waterfront Park, out past The Dolphins Fountain, take a left on Ellis Street and look for the giant white dome. Once there, sneak into Central Kitchen & Bar for one of their delicious caesars! If you’re still craving iced tea from the last spot, Central has a wonderful peach iced tea drink called the Mr. Tea.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>Jump across the intersection of Ellis and Clement to get from Central to BNA.

4. BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery

Suggested drink: A glass of Okanagan wine

After Central, walk south for 100 metres on Ellis Street and you’ll find yourself outside of one of Kelowna’s newer bars, BNA Brewing Co. There’s lots to try at BNA, including their house brewed beers, but on this pub crawl, it may be a good spot to try a glass of Okanagan wine, which they have plenty of.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>A leisurely walk down Ellis will get you from BNA to Curious.

5. The Curious Cafe

Suggested drink: A flight of beer

Once you’re done at BNA, continue your trek southbound on Ellis Street until you hit the Curious Cafe on the east side of the street. One of downtown’s hidden gems, the Curious offers a long beer list with lots of variety and interesting choices. This is a great spot to try a few different beers by ordering a flight!

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>After Curious, make your way to the Bernard strip to enjoy a margarita.

6. Fernando’s Pub

Suggested drink: No. 34 Margarita

There are a couple routes you could take to Fernando’s Pub, but the easiest is to continue south on Ellis Street until Bernard Avenue and then walk towards the water. There’s plenty of options on the Fernando’s menu, including numerous seven dollar Mexican dishes, but the drink you want here is their famous No. 34 margarita. With tequila, triple sec, lime, avocado and cilantro, the No. 34 is a Kelowna favourite, especially on a hot day.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>From Fernando's, continue down Bernard towards the water and you'll stumble upon Earl's.

7. Earl’s On Top

Suggested drink: Frozen Pink Lemonade

Once you’re done at Fernando’s, head down to the water, up a couple of flights of stairs and onto Earl’s rooftop patio. It’s one of the best patios to enjoy a cold drink, on a hot day, while taking in the beautiful views of the lake. Their frozen pink lemonade is a great drink option from Earl’s, although they also have a great caesar if you’re leaning in that direction.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>It's another quick walk to get to your last stop on the pub crawl.

8. Kelly O’Bryans

Suggested drink: One of their many many cocktails

The final stop on the pub crawl is only a few steps away from Earl’s On Top and they’ve got a new rooftop patio that rivals the one at Earl’sl. Kelly O’Bryan's has the biggest cocktail list in the city, so as you finish up your pub crawl and potentially enjoy some of their famous Pachos, pick a cocktail that might fit your taste buds and enjoy it in the sun!

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