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Smoke conditions force Broncos game cancellation

Wildfires and smoky conditions are becoming a detriment to health, water quality, flights and sports in the province — the Junior football Kamloops Broncos and the BCFC are feeling the effects as well.

The Broncos were set to face the Westshore Rebels on Saturday for a 6 p.m. kickoff time, but due to the air quality conditions present in Kamloops it was decided the game would tentatively be played as planned if air quality conditions improved.

Unfortunately, conditions worsened and the ultimate decision from the BCFC was to cancel the game altogether.

Instead, the two teams will matchup on Septemeber 15 at Westhills Stadium in Langford for what they are calling a "winner take all" game with the triumphant crew garnering four points in total from the win.

“To a degree, we are in uncharted territory because of what seems to be the new norm with fires affecting our environment. In hind-site, we should have scheduled two bye weekends to allow for this based on the issues with wildfires last year and certainly that is something we will strongly consider this offseason,” said Tyler Mclaren, BCFC President.

The executive mulled over the option of the two teams playing a mid-week game, but they determined that was not feasible for the two teams.

“Our executive felt that as much as air quality is a risk to our players' safety, so are games with a short turnaround time. Additionally, all our coaches and support staff have regular jobs in addition to volunteering with their teams. Mid-week just isn’t an option,” stated Mclaren.

Future games destined for the Kamloops gridiron are also in jeopardy, but Mclaren said the executive will look into moving the next game between the Broncos and the Huskers into Chilliwack to allow players better conditions if needed.

"We aren’t there yet, but we have to be ready for all situations,” added Mclaren.

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