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Marijuana Advocate Hopes to See Pot Grown Everywhere

B.C.’s marijuana advocate is making a bold move towards pushing the government forward with legalization by encouraging Canadians to grow their own pot.<who> Photo Credit: Overgrow Canada </who> Dana Larsen is hoping Canadians will take him up on his offer.

Dana Larsen plans to give away free cannabis seeds, 100,000 of them in fact, to anyone who asks for them. Larsen says he has one million high - CBF cannabis seeds and will give them to anyone who sends him their mailing address. As long as the person requesting them pledges to grow the seeds openly and freely, he will drop them in the mail.

Larsen says his goal is to see cannabis growing in front lawns, backyards, patios and window sills across Canada. The free seed announcement will coincide with a cross-Canada tour called “Free Marijuana - Overgrow the Government” which will begin in Kelowna on April 5th. Larsen says that if anyone is interested in overgrowing their city, he will send them 100 seeds to be planted in various areas.

Germinate the seeds, plant them in a small amount of soil, and let them get a few inches tall before transplanting. The bigger the plant, the better chance it will have of surviving. Put the seedlings somewhere public but not regularly tended by civic gardeners,” encourages Larsen

Larsen then asks for people to take photos of the public plants and email them to him. But the campaign comes with some risks of course as growing cannabis remains illegal in Canada.

<who> Photo Credit: Overgrow Canada

“I cannot guarantee that you will not have negative repercussions if you choose to grow cannabis. It is possible that you will have a visit from the police,” added Larsen. “If you are growing five plants or less, it is unlikely you will be charged. But it is certainly possible.”

Larsen has stated that anyone who does run into trouble with the law as a result of the initiative should call him and he will do what he can to obtain legal support. But adds that anyone willing to plant the seeds should also be willing to accept the associated risks.

<who> Photo Credit: Dana Larsen/Facebook

“However, by joining together with thousands of other Canadians, to plant these seeds openly and proudly, you also have the chance to be part of history. This is the final stage of our campaign to end cannabis prohibition, to liberate the cannabis culture, and to seize the right to grow our plant openly and freely.”

The Overgrow campaign began only a few days ago, but Larsen says he has received more than 5,500 requests coming to well over the allotted 100,000 seeds.

KelownaNow has reached out to the Kelowna RCMP for comment on the tour and campaign, but was referred to RCMP national headquarters for comment. A response from the RCMP has not yet been received.











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