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The Best Local Entrepreneurs under 40 in Kelowna, as voted by you

It's no secret that the business world has historically been dominated by males, but we're seeing more and more women shake up the scene, and many of them impressively young!

The Best Local Entrepreneurs list is comprised of Kelowna-local entrepreneurs who had to fight tooth and nail and forge their way to incredible success. This year, it is comprised entirely of women who are shattering stereotypes and exemplifying true strength and character, and all before the age of 40.

To celebrate all that these young entrepreneurs do for the business world and for our community, we're listing the Best Local Entrepreneurs under 40 in Kelowna, as voted by you. Brought to you by Secure-Rite Mobile Storage.

Bronze - Samantha Ulasy of Margaret Valley Landscaping

Best local entrepreneurs under 40? Try best local entrepreneurs under 30! Samantha Ulasy, owner and operator of Margaret Valley Landscaping, is first on our list at just 27 years old!

Samantha and her Margaret Valley Landscaping team are making big waves in the landscaping scene, and winning many awards while they're at it. Since opening the business in 2018, Margaret Valley has created designs so beautiful and creative that they've already earned her Best Young Entrepreneur before, as well as the gold medal for Kelowna's Best Landscaper.

After working for three years as an employee for a landscaping and maintenance company, Samantha started developing her own ideas and was confident in her ability to successfully carry them out. And, with the help of just one employee, she made it happen!

Defying gender stereotypes in more ways than one, Samantha is not only a successful entrepreneur, but one who has found success in the traditionally male-dominated landscaping field. For being such a powerful force, Samantha is this year's bronze winner for Best Local Entrepreneurs under 40 in Kelowna, as voted by you.

Silver - Kirsten Martell of Big Booty Boss Academy

A true "boss" and embodiment of strength, Kirsten Martell of Big Booty Boss Academy - "The Baddest Girl Gang on the Net" - is next up on our list.

Kirsten is a self-made fitness guru, personal trainer, and coach whose Big Booty Boss Academy has helped over 1000 clients achieve amazing full body transformations.

Kirsten has had her share of struggles, including becoming a mom at 17 and battling an eating disorder, and has found the strength to not just overcome, but to thrive. Kirsten and Big Booty Boss Academy now help women all around the world achieve their best through accessible, affordable, and highly motivating workouts. In her own words: "I am on a mission to help ladies feel HOT, HEALTHY, and most importantly HAPPY."

Kirsten, or "Coach Kirst", is a shining example of strength and resiliency, and one who leads by example. For helping over a thousand individual women achieve their full potential in strength, health, and confidence, Kirsten is this year's silver winner for Best Local Entrepreneurs under 40 in Kelowna, as voted by you.

Gold - Dr. Harmony Miraliakbari of Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

On a mission to approach health and wellness individually, holistically, and "from the inside out" is Dr. Harmony Miraliakbari, founder of Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic.

<who> Photo Credit: Harmony Clinic </who>

If the Harmony Clinic name rings a bell, you probably recognize them from the multitude of awards they've won over the years. The clinic has been voted Best in Kelowna for 4 years running and has won too many Top 3 awards to name, whereas Dr. Harmony herself has won Best Chiropractor for the same 4 years.

Dr. Harmony and the Harmony Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic are devoted to helping clients achieve wellness and health through a wide range of evidence-based chiropractic services.

A trained, professional musician and varsity athlete, Dr. Harmony has a keen interest in pregnancy, pediatric, and pre- and post-natal chiropractic care. The clinic also works with athletic injuries, general back and neck pain, headaches and migraine treatment, acupuncture, massage, and much more.

For bringing complete, top-to-bottom health and wellness to over 10,000 Kelowna locals at all stages of their life, Dr. Harmony Miraliakbari has won gold once again for Best Local Entrepreneurs under 40 in Kelowna, as voted by you.

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