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Canadians prefer work, cash and friends to having kids: survey

Canadians are far more interested in work, friends and cash than having kids, according to a new survey.

Ipsos’ latest poll found that 94 per cent of respondents think “having a job or career you enjoy” is the most important aspect of living a “fulfilling life.”

That was followed by “having close friends,” which was selected by 89 per cent of respondents.

“Having a lot of money” was next with 82 per cent, with “having kids” (70 per cent) and “being married” (58 per cent) coming in last.

<who> Photo credit: Ipsos

It comes as Canada’s fertility rate is at its lowest level ever recorded.

Women in the country have, on average, 1.33 children over their lifetime. In British Columbia, where the rate is lowest of all, they have 1.11.

Demographers say a rate of 2.1 is needed for a population to sustain itself. Canada last had replacement-level fertility rates in the 1970s.

Many experts have warned that a consistently low fertility rate could have devastating consequences for a country’s economy, with too few young workers to support pensioners.

<who> Photo credit: Ipsos

Immigration is seen by some economists as a solution to low birth rates. But in some countries – including France, South Korea and Russia – lawmakers attempt to incentivize women to have children through pro-natal policies.

According to Ipsos’ new poll, 30 per cent of respondents rate having kids as “not important.”

Among those who said they wanted kids but expected to have fewer than they’d like, 38 per cent said finances were the main obstacle.

<who> Photo credit: 123RF

Others – 32 per cent – said they were too old, while 27 per cent cited lack of affordable homes.

Ipsos conducted the poll between Feb. 16 and 20.

It asked questions of 1,001 Canadian adults.

To find out more, head here.

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