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4 delicious breakfasts to-go in the Okanagan

Laying cozy in bed, your morning alarm tells you it's time to begin your morning ritual and you either tap silence or snooze... but did you know there is a third option?

If you were to grab your phone and conduct a few more taps, you could order take-out breakfast to mix up your routine. Whether you're working from home or going to work, take-out is a great way to set the tone for your day and besides, many of us already make the daily trip to the drive-thru, so why not instead order a take-out latte or pick-up something exceptional?

And best of all, by supporting take-out in BC, you’re supporting our food industry, our farmers, our chefs, and our communities.

<who>Photo Credit: Cora</who> Cora's LattesEven better, from now until December 27, 2020, BC’s dairy farmers are partnering with restaurants all across BC as part of their ‘Wake up to the best’ promotion which gives back to communities all across the province by featuring delicious and nourishing breakfast dishes to help you wake up to the best. And taking part couldn’t be easier (or tastier):

  1. Check out the list of participating restaurants below.
  2. Order one of the special breakfast items to-go or for dine-in.
  3. BC Dairy will donate a meal to the Breakfast Club of Canada on your behalf.

The Breakfast Club of Canada has made it their purpose to ensure that no kid goes to school hungry.

When students attend school on an empty stomach their energy levels, problem-solving skills, creativity, concentration and behaviour are negatively impacted - the same applies for adults - so through programs like this, you're helping them create a nurturing environment, where children and youth can flourish.



Good morning sunshine, Cora's featured menu items are lattes and “Paul wants it all,” which is two eggs, bacon and potatoes served with half a waffle garnished with fresh fruit and English cream Cora-style.

<who>Photo Credit: Cora</who> Cora's Paul wants it all


The Nest

Nestle into the morning with this featured menu item of Ricotta & Herb Gnocchi, made with housemade ricotta & herb gnocchi, lardons, mushroom, parmesan broth, soubise, parm cracker and cured egg yolk.

<who>Photo Credit: The Nest</who> The Nest's Ricotta & Herb Gnocchi

The Bench Market

This will make you sit up in the morning, their feature is a latte and The Bench Breakfast Burrito that consists of BC free-run eggs, Spanish-style brown rice, spinach, asparagus, Jerseyland organic gouda, chipotle mayo. And if you wish, you can add chorizo or bacon.

<who>Photo Credit: The Bench Market</who> The Bench Market's Latte and Breakfast Burrito


Hello Toast

Say hello to their featured menu item of Cayenne In the Rain – sautéed sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, spinach with melted cheddar and feta cheese, two eggs, salsa and a homemade dill sauce served over potatoes.

<who>Photo Credit: Hello Toast</who>Hello Toast's Cayenne in the Rain

So the next time your alarm goes off, do yourself, and a child in BC, something good by ordering one of these four delicious breakfasts to-go in the Okanagan.

Remember, until December 27th, anytime you order any of these featured breakfasts, you'll share a really good breakfast with a child across BC thanks to BC dairy farmers and the Breakfast Club of Canada.

To see a list of participating restaurants, visit

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